12 Free Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Website

Website traffic is measured in visits and can be defined as web users who visit a website. It is the amount of data that is sent or received by visitors to a website.

Website traffic should be considered highly important for your business. The larger number of visitors to your websites, the more exposure and potential customers you get.

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Free Ways to Get Traffic:

  1. Social Media

Social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can be very successful in increasing traffic. This can be done by adding links, hashtags and posting about your website content for your followers to see.

  1. Compelling Headings

Headlines can play a major role as to whether your website would be visited or not. If a blog post uploaded by your website, regardless of how comprehensive, lacks a gripping heading, it will most likely go unnoticed.

  1. On-Page SEO

Paying attention to and optimizing your content for search engines holds great value in order to boost your organic traffic. This can be done by optimizing your headlines, adding HTML tags and images

  1. Create YouTube Video Tutorials

YouTube is the second most popular search engine currently. Creating helpful tutorials and uploading them on your channel can be a great source of driving free organic traffic.

  1. Email Marketing

Sending commercial messages to potential or current customers can be defined as email marketing. It is one of the most widely used forms of digital marketing and hence an excellent free tool to gain more traffic.

  1. Guest Blogging

Invite people to blog on your website and be a guest blogger on their website. This way, links are shared and hence invite a lot of new readers. This boosts the traffic of your website rapidly.

  1. Use Long Tail Keywords

Using long tail keyword results in less competition, higher conversion rates and better reach to targeted traffic.

  1. Update “Expired’ Content

Updating pre-existing content on your website, by simply refreshing it can be an easy and effective way to drive more traffic organically.

  1. Landing Pages

These can be used in advertisements, promoting a product, for events and eBooks. They are an successful way to drive people to your website.

  1. Answer Questions on Quora

By answering questions on Quora you can respond to questions in regards to your business. It’s a simple yet beneficial way to directly communicate with people interested in businesses similar to yours. This creates awareness and hence traffic to your website.

  1. Google My Business Listing

The free business profile allows you to communicate and link with customers across Google Search and Maps. This hikes organic traffic expeditiously.

  1. Go Live

By promoting your business through live streaming, you can interact with your customers and attract audience attention.

By using Smai Digital’s services, which are custom designed to fulfill your business needs, you will be able to effortlessly and successfully achieve maximized target audience for your website.

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