4 Email Marketing Tips to Help your Pizza Joint Flourish

Cheesy, hot, and full of tomato-ey goodness, pizza is the ultimate comfort food. Whether you like yours classic with a cheese blend or prefer to go the unconventional route with some pineapple, there’s no beating a good night with your favorite savory pie. 

But as the American love for pizza grows, so do the number of pizza eateries, and with that comes rising competition. With a pizza joint around every corner, the said businesses must go beyond simply serving up a decadent pie if they want to experience successful running. Instead, it’s become necessary to pull in new customers – along with retaining the old – and for that, the attention needs to go to marketing! 

And what better way to promote your pizza joint than via email marketing? Not only does it allow direct customer communication and interaction through hyperlinks, but email marketing also enables a wide target customer base to be reached simultaneously. 

Here’s how you can promote your pizza place with email marketing:

  • Have a Subject Line that Sticks

The first course of action with any email marketing campaign is to create emails that get opened. You might think this is easy, after all, who wouldn’t open an email that arrives in their inbox? But when your inbox is flooded with dozens of emails, you’re going to be choosy, and it’s only the emails that catch your eye that are going to be taken to the next step. 

To make your email into that fated email, it’s necessary to have a subject line that commands attention. Not only is it the first thing that your recipients will see, but you’ll only have a couple of seconds – at most – to seal the deal and get your reader to click and open. 

While each subject line will differ according to branding and context, there are some tips that you can try to incorporate: address the recipient by their name, add in a date attached to a deadline, talk about a special offer or discount, or include trending terminology or even a pun! The more you’re able to play into the consumer’s preferences, the better your email will be.

  • Be Interactive with CTAs

Once your email has been chosen, it’s all about making the content count. The goal for any email is to garner an audience for your other platforms – whether that’s your pizza delivery website, app, or your social media. 

A great way to do that is by adding in interactive CTAs. Not only do CTAs encourage readers into taking action – like ordering a pizza or browsing the menu – but due to their communicative style, they also add engagement to your content. And once you’ve hyperlinked your CTAs, you’ll be one step closer to crossing the order count of your dreams.

  • Don’t Skimp on the Visuals 

Words are great, but they’re not enough – especially when it comes to email marketing for a food-based business. As readers, our likeness towards food is increased manifold if we’re exposed to mouthwatering visuals. Whether that’s the cheese pull of your pan pizza or the crispiness of your pepperoni, adding in the right visuals to your email templates will make conversion rates shoot. 

Be sure to space them out logically and accompany the relevant text with relevant images, adding to the effect. Soon, you’ll have requests piling up for pizzas, “just like the one in the picture!” 

  • Use an Email Marketing Tool

As the brains behind a growing pizza joint, it’s natural that you’ll be preoccupied with more things than you can count. And when that happens, it’s often the silent things that are missed from the to-do list, and you guessed it, email marketing is one of them! 

To rectify this, you can look into using an email marketing tool, and PosterMyWall’s email marketing platform is by far one of the best ones out there. Not only does it give you the ability to swiftly design visually-pleasing emails, but you can also run entire campaigns with the PosterMyWall email maker. With dozens of templates to choose from and an understated orderliness to the platform, the PosterMyWall email marketing tool will completely change the way you think about emails. 

Oh, and you can also track performance analytics in a constant bid to improve, improve, and improve! 

So, if you’re looking to expand and grow your pizza joint so it can truly take off in the business world, then email marketing is the way to go. Just remember to stick to these tips and to add your own creative flair to your campaigns – and get the best pizzas out there for customers who’ll return!