4 questions to ask a criminal defense lawyer in Rochester

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If you are facing a criminal charge or have been arrested, your immediate concern should be about seeking legal advice and representation. This could be the most stressful time of your life, and without a clear defense strategy, you may end up with consequences that can impact everything around you. Finding the right Rochester criminal defense lawyer is critical for your case, and in this post, check four essential questions you must ask before selecting an attorney. 

  1. How long have you been working as a criminal lawyer in NY?

This is probably the most basic question that you can ask. You need a lawyer who knows everything about criminal law, and they need to have a track record to prove that. If an attorney has been practicing only criminal law for years, they will have a few landmark cases. Ask the attorney if they have worked with local prosecutors on other cases, which may benefit your case. Also, a skilled attorney will know everything about the local courts. 

  1. Have you worked on similar cases?

An attorney who has been dealing with DUI charges for years may not be your best choice when facing a murder charge. The scope of criminal is huge, and you need someone who has handled cases that are at least comparable to yours. If you face a federal criminal charge, you need to select an attorney with experience in federal courts. 

  1. How many trials have you conducted so far?

Facing the jury and judge isn’t the easiest thing, and prosecutors can be really aggressive in the court to prove their point. If the matter ends up in trial, you need a lawyer who has courtroom confidence. Also, the lawyer should be able to prep the case for a trial from the start to have a solid defense strategy. 

  1. How much would you charge? What are the other expenses?

A good attorney should explain the possible expenses of the case in advance. You may have to pay more for experienced defense lawyers, but that also assures that your case is in the right hands. Most criminal lawyers either charge by the hour or have a retainer fee. They can also offer insight into how the fee structure works. 

Before you hire a defense lawyer, check some of their online reviews. An attorney who claims to be among the best should have a steady flow of positive feedback from other clients.