5 Best Online Repair Tools for PDF’s and Why PDFs Corrupt

PDFs are the best way to transfer files easily, safely, and through any device that can access Adobe anytime. May it be reports, projects, presentations, titles, or resumes, we use PDFs and rely on them on all processes.

But we could not ignore the fact that files are not perfect all the time. But at the least times it does, you should know how to repair PDFs or how to restore them immediately. This article will inform you of the tools you can use to repair PDF files.

There are no specific reasons one can say that corrupts a PDF file. PDF files being corrupted are unpredictable but can be prevented once known and understood. Here are possible reasons and scenarios for PDF file corruption before you know where to repair PDFs.

  1. Malware on your system
  2. Your PDF file is being accessed by any other tool else the PDF opener
  3. Sudden shutdown of your system while opening a PDF file
  4. The tool you are using for editing your PDF is not working properly
  5. Various Windows errors

Tools to Repair PDF Files

Now that you know some possible reasons for your files being corrupted, you can prevent it from happening again. But for this time that your file is already corrupted, open these tools to recover your PDF file.

  1. gogopdf

You will know a good site when you see it. Gogogpdf’s Repair tool is one great site to help you fix your PDF and get them back to their original form. Drag and drop your damaged file to the site or share via Google Drive or Dropbox.

It is an easy 1, 2, and 3. You only need to wait for the site to analyze and then it will be ready for download. Expect a partial or complete recovery from the site.

  1. Kernel PDF Repair

With an expert in the field of repairing PDF files, let us look into what features this tool can do to recover your file.

This tool is quick to repair damaged, inaccessible, or corrupt PDF files. Also, this tool maintains the data integrity and formatting of the PDF files after a successful recovery. To extract images, bookmarks, hyperlinks, notes, and comments from the PDF file and to repair corrupted files in bulk. There are no file size limitations for this tool when it comes to repairing PDF files.

Let us look into how the tool is working so you can start repairing your files.

  1. Download and configure the software to your system.
  2. Open the software once the download is complete.
  3. Click “Select Files” and upload the files that you want to repair with this tool.
  4. The files will show when they are added and uploaded.
  5. Select the “Repair” button of the tool.
  6. Choose a location where you want to store your file, then hit “Ok”.
  7. Wait for the tool while it repairs your PDF files.
  8. The tool will alert you when the files are repaired and the process has been completed.

3. PDF2Go

This tool is available online to repair your files. Not only does it offer repair but it does the basic PDF converters’ work. Yet here are what they will do to repair your PDF files.

This tool does not require any installation on your system. Just like Kernel PDF Repair, it will maintain the integrity and format of PDF files. And of course, it repairs all sorts of corrupted and damaged PDF files.

This tool is free but with limitations. But it won’t delete the fact that it is neither capable nor reliable in repairing your PDF files.

4. PDF Repair Toolbox

This is another tool for our list that is capable of repairing corrupt PDF files. But this tool includes algorithms that are helpful in data recognition and integration. The tool does not repair encrypted PDF files but we have here some features of this tool.

This tool allows saving the recovered data within a new PDF file. They offer saving PDF files into compressed and uncompressed PDF files. PDF Repair Toolbox is ideal for all versions of PDF files. And, yes, recover damaged PDF files, even by other PDF creators.

5. PDF Resizer

Another online PDF recovery tool that is available to you is the PDF Resizer. With a simple process, this tool allows you to upload your corrupt/damaged PDF file, your file is recovered. Read on to know more features from this tool.

This tool comes with plenty of tools to repair corrupted PDF files. PDF Resizer allows rewriting the PDF file structure or to filter the broken pages. You can choose PDF Resizer because of its multiple recovery options.

Full Recovery

It is inevitable for your files to be unexposed to the dangers of corruption and damage. Especially when your file is shared on many platforms. You can try to make your files safe and secure but in any case that it goes another way, keep a backup.

There are many resources available online to fix your damaged files. The list above is one of the best few, being tried and tested by users. You can recover and receive your file clean and new again.

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