5 Grammar Checkers and Editing Tools For Writers

A grammar checker, by definition, is an application, or component of software, which seeks to verify grammatically correct written text for accuracy and to detect common mistakes in a piece of writing. These checkers can be useful for proofreading and editing documents, as well as in determining if a particular article or essay contains errors or omissions.

Many individuals find that the use of these programs helps them to better understand and interpret the information they read. Some editing tools allow users to input additional information, such as watermarks, alternative spellings of selected words, and the synonyms of selected words. In this article, we’ll be looking at some tools writers can use to perform the above-stated functions.

  • GogoPDF

With the use of GogoPDF, you can add watermark to pdf online. This can be useful to writers who sell online courses or guidelines and need to add watermarks or logos to brand their work. 

GogoPDF is easy to use, all you have to do is select a file, grab the image you’ll want to use as a watermark, wait for the process to complete, then send your file to an email or download it online. With GogoPDF you can also personalize your watermark by typing text, adding color and font of your choice. 

  • Grammarly 

Grammarly is a powerful automatic plagiarism checker and detection tool. This service protects you from potentially plagiarized content. The application scans your entire document for potential plagiarized keywords and displays a list with suggested solutions for each passage. The plagiarism-detective program is very advanced and utilizes hundreds of different keyword databases to detect potentially problematic areas. Grammarly can save you a lot of time editing your manuscripts. The tool also identifies sentence fragments that could indicate the plagiarized content and suggests possible fixes. This includes rephrasing sentences to create a smooth-text transition, replacing words with synonyms, and inserting correct punctuation marks and paragraph separators.

Grammarly provides a wealth of benefits for writers since it allows you to concentrate on more important aspects of the creative process. Grammarly can eliminate the errors in your manuscript before you give it to an editor. 

  • Hemingway Editor 

Hemingway Editor is an easy-to-use word processor and proofreader for writers. Hemingway Editor recognizes the presence of difficult-to-read passages, complex words or phrases, and passive voice in a text. It allows the user to make an attractive and easy-to-read text by conveniently recognizing the parts of a sentence and matching it to its corresponding paragraph. 

In addition, Hemingway Editor helps the user to organize and group his sentences and paragraphs. It allows you to revise any piece of text no matter how long and how many pages are present.

Apart from all the above-mentioned features, Hemingway Editor also comes with several user-friendly formatting features, bolding, italics, and other special effects. The user-friendly formatting features include the ability to apply bold or inverse colors to text, apply italics to specific characters, apply a combination of both, and highlight a word or a group of words. 

  • Ginger Software 

The Ginger Software helps users to easily check spelling and grammatical errors. Ginger also offers other features that help users check the correctness of the message they are trying to pass across to the reader. For example, the feature alerts the user if there is a typo in a sentence, depending on the word usage and how it is written.

Apart from its innovative technology-based feature, Ginger also offers a unique online desktop application that allows its users to check for plagiarism. Users can also cross-check their documents for any inconsistencies with the spelling and grammar presented.

  • Scribens 

Scribens is an innovative, easy-to-use grammar checker that enables you to write much more grammatically correct, more native, and accurate text. The editor scans your text for potential errors and suggests appropriate solutions with intelligent suggestions. This software also offers a plagiarism checker, and it helps you become a much better writer. 

If you are writing any type of content, whether it’s a blog post, article, or book manuscript, this tool is certainly for you! Scribens make it simple to proofread your work before publishing it so you can catch any errors before anyone else sees them. 


Writing grammatically correct sentences can be a hassle for most people, the same thing goes with performing editing functions in most files like PDF or even word. The advent of technology and artificial intelligence has provided us with tools to reduce error and edit finished work as much as we can. 

When searching for a suitable grammar-checking software program, you will want to consider both price and features. Finally, you will want to search for a company that offers a free download of the product in order to get hands-on experience of the software firsthand.