5 Reasons Why You’re Inefficient at Making Videos

​​ Videos play a very important role in generating traffic for your site and boosting conversion rates. Many businessmen worldwide joined the video bandwagon because of stellar results. Videos work so much better in making an impact than plain text or image. Thankfully, even if you don’t have any video editing experience, an online video editor such as Promo’s video maker can help you create compelling content. If you’re not drawing in audiences with your video content, you must analyze where you go wrong. Most newbies to digital marketing still do not understand the best practices involved in creating a brilliant video. Sadly, if you make a mistake, your video becomes less effective, and you waste resources. Thus, you must be aware of these common issues and inefficiencies so you can avoid them. Here are X practices that could be turning your video marketing into an epic fail.

Addressing Groups Instead of an Individual

Before you crank up your online video editor to work on templates or edit your footage, be clear with our goals. Knowing what your objectives are can help you create more compelling content that resonates with your target audience. Otherwise, your video content will get lost in a sea of messages. Once you clear your goals, you can identify the ideal buyer persona for your brand. Hence, you can come up with coordinated plans like a relevant script. And here’s a crucial pro tip: always write your script as if you are addressing a single person and not a group of people. In this way, you will have a more cohesive video that delivers stellar results. For best results, do the following:
  • Envision your audience
  • List down specific objectives
  • Layout the time frame for achieving goals
  • Include a budget
As the saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail. Thus, all your videos must begin with an end goal in mind. Producing videos without one is akin to screaming at the top of your lungs with no one hearing you. If you want to convey your message successfully, start planning. ​​

Forgetting to Tweak Lighting

Most neophyte video producers worry so much about the content that they forget about lighting. The latter can never be secondary. If you don’t prioritize lighting, how can your viewers see your content clearly? Dark videos don’t get watched, resulting in wasted time and effort on your part. Although you can tweak the lighting with your online video editor, it can only do so much magic when it comes to brightening your materials. You must shoot footage that’s vibrant and clear. It is imperative to start with a strong foundation. How can people buy your products if your shots look cheap? Besides, you will have a harder time editing footage with your online video editor if they are not shot correctly. For the best results, pay attention to the following:
  • Always shoot with enough natural light
  • Work with a ring light if it’s too dark
  • Invest in high-powered strobes if you do a lot of indoor shoots
  • Pay attention to the play of shadows in the background

Using a Cheaper Equipment

You don’t need super expensive equipment to make an impact. After all, everything still hinges on your script. However, lackluster tools can make it tough to shoot good-quality videos. As a result, you have a harder time tweaking footage and making them look professional using your online video editor. Are you shooting videos with a standard web camera that’s attached to your computer? That’s a major inefficiency that could be turning off your followers. The quality of your camera determines the quality of your videos. Always choose those that display a standard of professionalism. Even a higher iPhone or Samsung model will work. However, don’t forget to use a tripod and stabilizer to prevent jumpy shots. Your viewers will have a headache if the one holding the camera has jittery hands. As much as possible, you want to keep shaking at bay. Similarly, don’t settle for the built-in microphone with your camera. This tool will pick up background noise easily.

Setting up a YouTube Account with No Clear Intention

Did you set up your YouTube channel just for the sake of having one? This is a major drawback that could be holding back your video marketing success. If you are serious about videos, you must take your YouTube channel seriously. Moreover, you must come up with a series of videos that draw subscribers in. Make them look forward to your future content. For the best results, treat your YouTube channel as your second home. It holds equal importance as your primary website. Thus, you must put time and effort to do the following:
  • Set up the YT home page
  • Use an enticing profile picture
  • Work on the “about us” segment
  • Curate stunning thumbnails for videos with an online video editor
  • Utilize keywords for video titles and descriptions
  • Fill up the contact page with correct details
Besides, you must not forget that Google acquired YouTube. Hence, it now serves as the 2nd largest search engine in the world. Make sure you optimize your videos using SEO (search engine optimization) best practices. This means your brand will appear very high in search results. Most of all, the Google algorithm favors videos in search results pages. If you have compelling videos, you gain an advantage over plain words and images.

Forgetting to Promote Your Video Assets

Finally, making videos and tweaking them to perfection with an online video editor is not enough. In fact, adding them to your landing page or uploading them to YouTube or other social media platforms is only half the work. If you truly want your videos to make an impact on a lot of people, you need a marketing plan to promote your videos. An amazing activation plan can ensure your hard work will not go to waste because your videos will be consumed by hundreds and thousands of people. Thus, you must make a plan for your videos to promote them using the right distribution platforms.

Parting Words

Remember, you must take your video marketing seriously because it is proven to be an excellent conversion machine. If you want to convert your leads into consumers and fans, you must amplify your video storytelling skills. Moving images, effects, sound, and other visual animations make it very easy for your viewers to check your website and patronize your offerings.

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