5 Web-Based File Tools of PDFBear You Should Start Using

In this era of modern technology, many people manage and organize electronic files most conveniently and easily. Decades ago, it was truly a challenge for everyone to handle files digitally. It’s because only a few people had enough knowledge and skills to do the job and had access to computer software that would cost them more money. 

However, nowadays, you can find tons of websites on the internet that come with complimentary assistance, services, and a set of helpful file tools. One of the prestigious sites that have been on this platform for years is PDFBear. 

It doesn’t offer any computer software that you can download, but it has a specialized set of absolutely free file tools. Therefore, check the four sought-after web-based tools of PDFBear below that you should start using for your electronic files. 

  • Online Electronic File Converter

If you have struggles in converting your electronic files, here’s the online file conversion tool of PDFBear that’s 100% safe and free. Hence, if you want to have a more reliable copy of your Word documents, you can convert Word to PDF instantly using this platform. For PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets, transforming them into PDF format will make them easier to open, view, and share on your device. 

If you’ve saved some PDF files in your file drive and want to keep them for many years, like certificates, property or land titles, and other important documents, you can also convert them to PDF/A to preserve the same quality of your files. If you have some files that you want to convert to other formats, you can always check the website of PDFBear. 

  • PDF Encryption Tool

For your PDF files’ safety, setting up a password has been one of the most effective methods that most people use. In line with this, here’s the password protection tool of PDFBear that will take care of the job of encrypting your PDF files painlessly. Just visit the website of PDFBear and get your files uploaded on its online tool. 

After that, the system will require you to create a unique and secure password. You can combine various characters like numerals, capital, and small letters and even add some symbols you like. Within a few minutes, your PDF files that have been successfully encrypted are now available to use, and you can directly save them to your smartphone file storage or computer drive. That’s the quickest and easiest way of making your PDF files safe using a secure password in PDFBear. 

  • Online Password-Removal Tool

If there’s an online tool to set up a password in the PDFBear platform, there’s also one that will remove it. Here’s the unlock PDF tool that will help you take off the password you’ve added in your PDF files. You’ll go through the same initial part of the decryption process by getting your passworded PDF files uploaded on the PDFBear website. 

After that, you have to allow the system to start the procedure and successfully remove the password in your files. Within minutes, the password-free PDFs are now ready to use, and you can then directly save them to your device. Moving forward, you’ll take advantage of accessing, opening, and viewing your PDF files on your device without spending more time to key in the password or even worrying about providing the wrong one.  

  • Online PDF Merger

Another online file tool of PDFBear that many people use to organize their PDF files is the PDF merger. As this tool’s name suggests, you can use it to combine multiple PDF documents and make them one PDF file. Hence, you can now merge different PDFs that you use for the same purpose. You can also unify those files created in the same year or ones you got from the same source. 

The primary purpose of utilizing this PDF merger of PDFBear is to group your PDF files in the same category so that you can avoid any cluttered files all over your device’s screen. By doing this, you’ll then make your file search in the future much more comfortable, convenient, and time-saving. 

  • Online eSign PDF Tool

There’s a hassle in dealing with PDF files that require some people’s signatures, but the PDFBear platform has successfully developed another online file tool to respond to this particular concern. It’s the eSign PDF tool that allows users to write down their signatures on the PDF files digitally. You can use the computer mouse or the touchpad and manually add the required signature right away. That’s how fast and easy it is to sign PDF files using PDFBear.


Dealing with so much paperwork and using tons of electronic files can be stressful and a bit frustrating. However, using the right file tools will always solve the problem, and the PDFBear platform will give you access to all the file tools you need that you can use to handle your electronic file for absolutely free.