6 Hand Emojis To Show How You Feel

Distance has made everyone creative in communication. Sign Boards have become frequent in concerts to show your favorite band how much you love them. Often, we use body language and hand gestures to show our answers and how we feel about a particular topic. 

You can still use these everyday hand gestures in the digital age, such as the peace sign and the ok hand, through emojis. It just takes you one tap or a few clicks to send your affirmation in chat rooms and other platforms. In this article, we have listed down the best hand emojis that people use in social media and messaging apps daily.

Victory Hand

People in the ’80s often used this hand gesture to deliver the message of peace. Ever since then, people have been calling this the “peace sign emoji.” However, as an emoji, it is referred to as the victory hand. The index and middle finger forming a V symbolize a success over an obstacle.  

Though it basically an affirmation or a “yes” to a question, the victory hand emoji can also express an ending to an argument. If you’re playing a prank with siblings and friends, you can use this emoji to say that the prank is over, and you mean no harm. Depending on the messaging and social media platform, this emoji comes in different skin tones.

Call Me Hand

Are you in a busy situation and can’t answer your friend’s invitation? Tell them to call you with this simple emoji. The call me hand emoji shows a thumb and pinky extended similar to a phone. This emoji also comes in five skin tones variations so you can change it identical to your hand’s skin color. 

Depending on the situation, this hand emoji can say, “Let’s speak over the phone.” Lately, people also use this emoji to invite people to a party or to go surfing. The call me hand emoji tells people to relax or unwind.

OK Hand

Affirmation comes in different ways and styles. But for some of us, saying “yes” may come in a variety of hand signals. The most used one among them is the “ok hand.” Who knew this could turn into an emoji too? If you want to tell someone that you like their video, just send an ok hand emoji! 

The ok hand emoji is just like our regular “ok” hand gesture with the thumb and index fingers touching to form an “O” shape. Just like the victory emoji, it also shows confirmation or quick positive answers. This sign also symbolizes being at ease. However, this emoji can mean differently depending on context and culture. Thus, this should be used with caution too.

Crossed Fingers 

This hand emoji is one of the most familiar hand gestures we can see on our emoji keyboards. We used the cross fingers when we were young to show if we were lying or not until today. This emoji also comes with other skin tones for you to choose from.

In this emoji, we can see a human hand with the middle finger crossing over the index finger or vice versa, depending on the messaging app or social media site you are using. Lately, this emoji is used to show hope. Therefore, if you need to tell someone ‘good luck’, use this emoji instead!

Sign Of The Horns

This hand gesture emoji is formed when you hold the middle and ring fingers down with your thumb while extending your index and little fingers. As you have observed everywhere, this emoji is used by people who love rock music or love band concerts and parties. It signifies the message “rock on.”

The sign of the horns emoji is also used differently, depending on context and culture. If your colleagues invite you for a concert getaway over the weekend, send your approval with the sign of the horns emoji!

Fist Bump Emoji

Have you met someone, and you just immediately clicked? That’s what a fist bump emoji is all about. It says you agree with each other. Instead of a high five, just send your friend a fist bump emoji!

The emoji shows two fists bumping each other, and it comes with different skin tones too. If you and your friend have sent the same answers, you don’t have to type in the word “jinx.” Send a fist bump instead! This emoji can also be used as the greeting “hello,” depending on the culture and society.


Sending confirmation does not have to be long. If you feel under the weather or just busy with everything else going on with your life, just send a hand emoji to answer their questions like the old days on digital platforms. Start exploring the other different hand emojis you can use daily at Emojiguide.

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