7 Simple Storage Hacks and Ideas for Any Modern Home

If you have a messy home, you likely need a few good home storage ideas. This is especially the case if your home is filled to the brim with clutter. 

There are lots of other home storage ideas you can explore. There are different sizes of storage shelves and boxes that you can purchase. You will have to consider how many items you have at home and what type of container will best hold them. You can also buy plastic storage cases for smaller items. In this article, we would look at some storage areas in your house and equipment you can use in keeping your living space organized. 

  1. Storage Cabinet and Baskets

It can be very difficult to find a place in your house that you can put items laying about, but if you can get a storage cabinet then you will find it easier to find what you want since everything will be neatly labeled. 

There are different types of storage cabinets available that will help your home appear more organized. You can get cabinets made from wood, metal, or glass. These all vary in price and functionality. If you are going to be putting heavy objects like tools and car parts in the storage cabinet then you will need something that will be durable and last a long time without breaking down.

Storage baskets are also another storage option for clothes, towels, and linens, as there are lots of decorative storage baskets in the market to choose from. In addition to holding items, they can also serve as a piece of home decor. When purchasing one don’t forget to look for colors that match your curtains, walls, and floors. 

  1. Wooden Storage Boxes

Wooden storage boxes are a popular storage option. Depending on the size they can be stored inside the main apartment or in the garage.  You can get them custom built to fit the color and style of your home. 

  1. Metal Storage Boxes

Metal storage boxes are another option. The downside to this is that they are more expensive than wooden cabinets and can be heavier so they need to be placed in a static position. You need to consider what you are going to keep in the box, it should be items you don’t use regularly. 

  1. External Storage Units 

For bigger homes or estates, external storage units are an ideal solution for keeping stuff that you don’t use very often but you still need somewhere to put it. This could be anything from old furniture to junk items to toys for your children. There are plenty of storage units available for rent so finding one to suit your budget should not be a problem.

  1. Storage Bins 

If you are someone who has just gotten into a new home or are in a hurry to move out, then there are storage bins that fit your need perfectly. They are perfect for everyday clutter such as tools, old boxes, and holiday decorations. For bigger spaces, you can get a hanging storage bin or. They are easily visible, so you won’t be tripping over them 

  1. Storage Bags 

Another idea is to use bags to store items like toys. You can recycle the bags that came with the toy when you purchased it. These can then be used to hold up other play items that the child no longer wants. You could even take the bags and put them in a box with wheels. This makes an awesome mobile toy storage unit that can be used for any occasion.

Think about how much room is available in your home and what you can fit into it. What kind of toy storage would best suit the age of your children and what they are interested in? You can also try building a toy storage cabinet. This will make a wonderful addition to any child’s room and can easily be customized.

  1. Garage 

For homeowners, the primary use of a garage is the storage of bulky items. These items can include lawn and yard equipment, bicycles, wheelchairs, golf carts, and more. A garage can house many of these items at once. 

They can leave bulky items in their garage when not in use, and these items will remain safely stored out of sight where they cannot be damaged or lost. For extra security, you can place locks on their garage doors to keep unwanted guests out or install security systems and alarms. 


In case you do not have enough space in your house, you can consider renting some storage units. Some rental units offer a wide variety of locking options so you can be assured of security for your items. You can easily find one that matches your taste and budget. You can even rent these units on a monthly basis for as long as needed.