Accenture lists top 5 tech trends for 2022

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In the past few months, the term metaverse has catapulted from relative obscurity into a buzzword in the tech realm. As companies around the world clamor to take advantage of the technology, the metaverse has turned out to be more than a millennial marketing plan, but the next step in the evolution of the Internet.

The convergence of physical, virtual and augmented reality allows users to socialize and do business in a shared online space. But as the lines between these worlds continue to blur, enterprises will find themselves on the front lines in setting trust and safety standards and shaping their way forward.

Accenture’s Technology Vision report for 2022 looks at how emerging innovations are redefining the intersection between humans and technology.

Web3 — putting the me in metaverse

Blockchain is the backbone of Web3, an all-encompassing term for a decentralized internet, where no single entity can control the online flow of information. This means that instead of storing data on central servers, every member of a network can access the same data in the form of a distributed ledger.

When viewed in the context of money, cryptocurrency, the most common blockchain application, will be the foundation of the economic and monetary system in the metaverse.

Programmable world — our planet, personalized

In the programmable world, control, customization and automation are completely absorbed in the environment around us. From coffee pots to alarm systems, these integrated systems can easily detect, learn and track users’ complex preferences.

And enterprises will build and deliver these solutions, as well as innovate their own operations to give people the power to decide what they want to see, use and experience — all with little effort and more flexibility than ever before.

The unreal — making synthetically authentic

As AI-generated data continues to grow at lightning speed, authenticity becomes increasingly important. Because synthetic data can convincingly reflect the physical world, people no longer care whether something is real. Instead, they evaluate whether it is authentic.

When deployed authentically, synthetic authenticity can push AI to new frontiers. It has the ability to improve customer experience, manage repetitive tasks and minimize manual errors.

Calculating the Impossible – New Machines, New Possibilities

The advancements of quantum computing are among the most radically disruptive trends on the horizon. The emergence of a new class of machines is pushing the boundaries of the problems computers can solve.

While computational theory and hardware isn’t a concept that most non-technical executives think of, it’s something they can’t afford to overlook. It may not happen tomorrow, but the transformation is well underway and each new benchmark symbolizes that we are one step closer to unimaginable business capabilities.

There was a time when metaverse technology seemed like a far-fetched concept that could manifest itself sometime in the distant future. But companies no longer have the luxury of thinking about it abstractly.

The metaverse is the culmination of a long-running trend, and while this digital world hasn’t really taken shape yet, today’s forward-thinking companies should already be in test-and-learn mode, ready to take advantage of the growth opportunities ahead.

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