Accomplishment Report


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Accomplishment Report

How to write an accomplishments report?

Tell the readers the overall achievements. Perhaps you are writing an accomplishment report for a non-profit organization. You could summarize successes, such as the fact you organized events that benefit stakeholders, gained industry recognition, and created linkages with partners.

What are annual accomplishments?

It consists of essential information about project or work achievements that are completed for the entire year. Some common types of annual accomplishment reports are annual business growth accomplishment reports, annual scientific accomplishment reports, annual school accomplishment reports, and many more.

Do you need to describe your major contributions and achievements?

Do you need to describe your major contributions and how you accomplished or failed your performance expectations? You need to write a self-assessment and performance accomplishment report that will provide a comprehensive and narrative description of your primary accomplishments linked to the performance elements and standards.

How many pages should a summary of achievements be?

The point of the summary is to tell the reader about your accomplishments in the fastest way possible, so adding too many specifics will defeat that purpose. Two pages is a good rule of thumb unless your employer required you to have a specific number of pages for the report.

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