We have been waiting all year for summer to come around, and we want to spend it as well as we can. There are a whole lot of activities to keep yourself busy that you can do during summer that you wouldn’t be able to do during any other time of the year. If you are looking for good ways to make the most of your three weeks of sunshine and free time, then look no further! Today we have listed some of the most fantastic activities for summer. Remember, we would be here all-day listing each and every single activity that you could do, so we have created a list of our favourites! Let’s jump straight into it!


Play football

Sport is a fantastic way to spend your summer free time for several reasons, it’s fun and it’s really good for your health! Playing a sport like football with some of your friends could make you forget that you are even exercising because you are having such a great time. If you are already familiar with football then you’ll already know how much of a fantastic way it is to spend a nice sunny day, if not then you’re definitely missing out! Despite how active you are or how much you know about the sport, it’s a brilliant thing to make a hobby out of. Whether you decide to go to the park and kick the ball around or book a 5 a side pitch with your friend’s, playing football is one of the greatest activities for summer. Remember, if you aren’t too fond of football then there’s a wide variety of other sports that you could play.


Do some cleaning

Cleaning might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you are thinking about activities for summer, although it’s actually a really good idea. If your home is messy and unclean it can add a lot to your stress levels. Being productive in your free time is one of the best activities for summer, the weight off your shoulders will be like night and day. When mentioning cleaning we aren’t just talking about the inside of your home, we are also talking about your curb appeal. If your garden isn’t totally up to the standard it should be, then now is the perfect time to change that. After all, you will probably be in your garden a lot more than usual if the weather is nice. There’s a range of things that you can do to make the outside of your home a little more aesthetically pleasing. An example of this would be cleaning out your gutters, it’s no secret that sagging gutters with moss and grass growing out of them is a pretty bad eyesore. Not only that but it can actually also cost you a lot of money due to the number of expensive problems that are likely to occur if you don’t keep on top of gutter maintenance. Carrying out this task can be difficult; height restraints make cleaning your gutters pretty dangerous. It’s definitely worth contacting professionals to clean your gutters for you, click here for gutter cleaning services.


Go a walk in the park

There are bound to be plenty of beautiful parks for you to visit regardless of where you stay, a nice walk in the park is very simple but is still one of the best activities for summer due to how relaxing it is. You could even bring a few of your friends and sit down at a picnic table for lunch! Depending on where you are the park is bound to be very busy in summer so there will be a great atmosphere. You could even bring your dog with you too! (If you have one) For something so simple, going for a walk in the park is one of the most brilliant activities for summer.


Have a barbecue 

If you have your own home, why not invite some of your friends and family over for a barbecue? This can be a great way to socialise and is without a doubt a fantastic way to make some memories. If you have a nice enough back garden, then it’s good to make some use of it. Not only that, but the food will also be fantastic! If you are old enough you could have possibly had a couple of beers too, just remember not to get too carried away! There’s nothing quite like a good old-fashioned barbecue to bring everybody together, which is why it’s without a doubt one of the best activities for summer.