AFF Friend Finder: Rules of Casual Sex


We can all agree that back in the day, people always connected sex with relationships or marriage. 

Nowadays, things are entirely different because we live in an era where you can hook up with someone without emotional attachments such as love. 

To some people, having sex is like exercising: a pleasurable activity you can do with others or yourself without additional formality. 

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Of course, we all want to reach the point where we can find someone to love. Still, after four or more years of being together, you will have to add something different to the intercourse. That is why partners are adding role-playing or even someone else within the intercourse.

On the other hand, casual sex can suffer from a lack of intimacy and newness in some situations if you are single. You have probably heard numerous one-night stand stories. However, it provides you with a new perspective.

In the same way, you enjoy visiting a hotel while on vacation, even though you do not wish to live inside, something enjoyable and exciting with someone you do not know.

Since it is a delicate situation, the casual bubble can easily burst, which is why we decided to present you with a guide on how to make it as relaxed as possible.

Let us start from the beginning.

  • Prepare Yourself

If you wish to find a hook-up with ease, you should prepare your place to ensure you end up there at the end of the night. Even though you may stay somewhere else, your attitude must be casual, but your apartment is clean.

It is vital to own more than a single towel and a few pillows as well. You do not have to create a luxurious and expensive apartment, but you should make a guest comfortable. 

One of the most critical factors you should have been condoms, which means you should have a stash of them. The worst thing that can happen is to forget to buy them or bring them during a heated situation.

If you wish to have casual intercourse, we recommend you always have them by your side. 

  • Keep the Light Conversations

Casual sex is complex to handle, and you can easily ruin it by adding too many personal questions. The main idea is you do not have to learn and talk about everything that pops up in your mind. 

Instead, it would help to keep them sex-only, including a few drinks and small talk. If you start a conversation in personal matters such as: “Where did you grow up?” the chances are high you will end up in a boring conversation.

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Instead, it would be best if you kept it as simple as possible by talking about your favorite music and books. Avoid mentioning SAT scores and Bitcoin investment. Instead, you should invite someone and talk about everyday things. 

Besides, you should avoid making a hook-up date, including going to movies, sit down over meals, and doing other activities that will bring you closer together. Instead, you should keep it non-exclusive, which means sex.

  • Create a Normal Comfort Without Spicing Things Up

Generally, enjoying casual sex means you do not have to go over your comfort level. When you are enjoying every step, you should choose acts and positions you are comfortable with, including a few twists that will further drive your fantasies.

At the same time, if you wish to enjoy a nightstand from a dating app such as AFF friend, you do not have to talk about it the next day. You do not have to think about creating patterns, which means establishing boundaries is an essential aspect.

Therefore, you should ask whether the other side wishes to keep it casual or not. If that is not the case, we recommend you avoid sexual activity and find someone else instead.

Still, if you engage yourself in frequent hook-ups, you should create specific rules and accept you will see each other in the future. Remember that casual intercourse is not as simple as it seems.

  • Stop Lingering

Finally, it would be best to avoid lingering because it can lead to intimacy and emotional attachments. Therefore, you do not have to hang and become friends with that someone. 

The next thing you know, you will think about Valentine’s Day, which is why you should think about potential issues that may happen before you make up your mind.