Answering The Most Common Questions About Camping Solar Panels

It can be a little overwhelming when you’re shopping for solar panels for the first time. But worry not dear traveller, we have listed the most common questions about camping solar panels in this post and hopefully help you in your purchase.


What are camping solar panels made of?

Solar panels are made from either polycrystalline or monocrystalline solar cells. Each panel is comprised of several semiconductor cells that work to convert sunlight to direct current (DC) electricity. Although the most common solar panels are those you often see fitted to rooftops, camping solar panels are designed to be smaller, lighter and very easy to use. This is necessary if you require a power source at your campsite.

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What is the lifespan of camping solar panels?

Solar panel manufacturers typically guarantee a 25-year output on their products. In fact, solar panels (fixed or portable) – given the proper care – can last even longer. This makes them worthwhile investments.


Are camping solar panels hard to maintain? 

The answer is no. Maintaining your camping solar panels can be as routine as cleaning a car. Upkeep is hassle-free – a regular wipe down of the tempered glass surface is pretty much all you need to do. Dust and debris on the surface can affect how much sunlight the panels absorb so a regular wipe down is necessary.


Do camping solar panels only work in daytime?

You can only use solar panels to charge deep cycle batteries or trickle charge your car battery during the day. However, solar panels will still work even during cloudy days. Even when it is drizzling or cold. While it is true that they are more effective when exposed to direct sunlight, solar panels can still generate enough power during cloudy days.


What kind of camping solar panel is best?

The answer depends on what type of camper you are. It also depends on how portable you want your solar panels to be. The general rule is to compute the total amperage requirement per day of the appliances or gadgets you need and choose a panel that can accommodate that load.


Some final reminders

If you currently own a camping or fixed solar panel and are experiencing issues, do not attempt to fix it on your own. O not try to fix he wires or any of the accessories. It is best to call the manufacturer to have them replace your panel or ask for a technician to take  look at the panels for you.