Araw Ng Kalayaan


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Araw Ng Kalayaan

What is the origin of the Araw ng Kalayaan?

Ang Araw ng Kalayaan ay ginugunita tuwing Hulyo 4. 11. Paglilipat sa Araw ng Kalayaan • Noong Agosto 4, 1964, sa pamamagitan ng mga mungkahi ng mga historyador at mga nasyonalista, nilagdaan ni Pangulong Diosdado Macapagal ang Batas Republika Blg. 4166 na siyang nagtatakda sa Hunyo 12 bilang Araw ng Kalayaan ng bansa.

What is the history of Kalayaan in the Philippines?

Pagpapahayag ng Kalayaan ng Pilipinas • Pinahayag ang kasarinlan noong 12 Hunyo, 1898, sa pagitan ng ikaapat at ikalima ng hapon sa tahanan ni Heneral Emilio Aguinaldo.

What does Kalayaan remind us of?

Kalayaan may also remind us of a certain group of islands in the West Philippine Sea, sovereignty over which is now being hotly contested among Asian nations, including a superpower that isn’t even originally a party to the conflict but muscled itself in, in pursuit of its agenda of projecting military power outside its established territory.

Who is the first Katipunan in the Philippines?

The earliest recorded was when Andres Bonifacio, along with Emilio Jacinto, Restituto Javier, Guillermo Masangkay, Aurelio Tolentino, Faustino Manalak, Pedro Zabala and few other Katipuneros went to Pamitinan Cave in Montalban, Rizal to initiate new members of the Katipunan.

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