Argentina Corned Beef


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Argentina Corned Beef

Why buy Argentina Corned beef?

SHOP NOW! Argentina Corned Beef is an established and the No. 1 corned beef brand that has the food qualities consumer most value – it is filling, deliciously flavorful, has meaty strands, is packed with protein, made with 100% pure beef and fortified with zinc and iron to help boost the immunity. “Siguradong Busog ang Breakfast mo!”

What kind of meat do we offer from Argentina?

We offer from Argentina Corned Beef 2 th caned in 800 grams tins. Style: Canned Weight (kg): 0.8 We are one of the main supplier of canned meat,corned beef mixed meat (corned beef and chicken)corned beef with cooked POTATO Our meat done by latest techno and top part of Beef Meat , we suppling ma...

Where does corned beef come from?

Style: Canned Type: Beef Place of Origin: Argentina The best meal to can be consumed every time you want and everywhere. The corned beef is beef that has been treated first then boiled in brine and Vinegar to a simmer. The chunks of meat employees usu...

What is the best brand of corned beef to buy?

Argentina Brand's Corned Beef is the brand's most popular product. These delicious and juicy shreds of corned beef are perfect for any dish. Prepare the corned beef with rice and a fried egg, and you'll have an amazing breakfast.

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