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Assam Election Result Jagiroad

What is the result of the Assam Assembly Election 2021?

The votes were counted and the result declared on Sunday, 2 May. The term of the previous Fourteenth Legislative Assembly of Assam ended on 31 May 2021. The election saw the incumbent BJP -led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) retaining power with 75 seats, which marks the first time a non- INC alliance has won consecutive terms in the state.

How many voters were eligible to vote in the Assam Assembly election?

According to the CEO office, 23,374,087 General electors were eligible to vote in the Assam Assembly election. Of these, 132,081 voters had disabilities, 289,474 voters were above the age of 80, 1,281,918 were newly enrolled voters, and 505,874 voters were in the age group of 18–19 years.

What is the percentage of Scheduled Caste in Assam?

The Scheduled Tribe population (both ST (Plains) and ST (Hills) combined) in Assam is around 13% of which the Bodo people (an indigenous Assamese community) account for 40% and the Scheduled Caste population is about 7.4% of which the Kaibarta and Jal Keot (both indigenous Assamese & migrant Bengali communities) combined account for about 36%.

What is the percentage of indigenous Assamese population in Assam?

The share of the indigenous Assamese communities in Assam was about 47% in the 2001 census which has reduced to about 40-45% in 2016 as predicted by experts.

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