There are situations where you send an email and later call the recipient for a reply over it. The only thing you later is that the mail was in the spam folder. And that can be quite annoying to hear as sometimes it is an important email which has to be replied to sooner. It can be dangerous at times as the content consisting might be sensitive.

There are cases where the mails have moved to the spam folder due to the wordy content or with lots of emojis and exclamation. All these factors cause the emails to get dumped into the spam folder. Following the basic standard and rules of writing an email can save the email from getting dumped in the spam folder.

Let us see some of the factors which can help to avoid the spam folder

  • The use of dedicated sending services

You can start using the dedicated sending services that are the SMTP provider, which is a great way to avoid the problems that you face while sending emails. You can process it through an SMTP provider rather than the host SMTP server.

  • Use of spam tester 

Spam tester is the best toolkit to find out the issues related to deliverability. You just have to follow the below points.

  • Got to the mail tester
  • Send an email with the email issues, and in case if you are facing any problem with any specific email, then make sure with the usage of the same/links/images and enter the same in your email.
  • Click on ‘Then check your score’
  • And then, you can view the analysis

In this way, the spam tester will generate an overall score for you and also provide a suggestion for improvement.

  • Follow best practices or follow the email design while sending emails

Once done with the proper authentication of the email, you are ready to continue your work without getting into the trouble of spam folder.

  • Images- Images are not reliable be it large or small. You may use HTML instead ofincluding all in images.
  • No spammy copy- avoid using spammy words or special characters like exclamation or even an emoji. Make sure you are on point with your grammar and spellings.
  • Avoid unnecessary attachments- do not send attachments when it is not required
  • Add the sender’s physical address- When it comes to email marketing, the physical address has to be sent with accurate information about the sender.

  • Proper authentication is required

You must have a proper authentication of your emails. It will matter the most when it comes down to using custom email ids. In the case of Gmail, there is nothing to worry about. The authenticated email gets a much better reputation, and no one wants to play with their reputation. With better authentication of email, you can get yourself and your email away from the spam folder. People with higher reputation gets away easily but not in the case of the one with less reputation.

  • Ask recipients to whitelist 

When nothing works, you may ask your recipient to whitelist your email id to avoid your emails from going to the spam folder. This is the strategy used by all and it isn’t uncommon.