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Bagets Twitter

What is a Baget on Facebook?

This week there has been multiple posts going viral throughout the Facebook community related to “Bagets”. This search term is obviously some kind of term pedophiles use on Facebook to identify their kiddie porn and share it among each other.

Are ‘Bagets’ Facebook posts prove pedophilia?

The “Bagets” Facebook posts have been reported to Facebook many times at this point. Perhaps, there have been hundreds of reports considering the amount of shares and interactions on the posts exposing the pedophile activity and content. Facebook User Exposing ‘BAGETS’ Child Porn Feed On Facebook

Is Instagram’s ‘Bagets’ feed sexually explicit?

The ‘BAGETS’ feed on Instagram still produces thousands of results, 42,682 posts to be exact. After scrolling down, it didn’t take 30 seconds to see some kind of sexually explicit content that included a younger male. Remember, Facebook owns Instagram. Facebook obviously doesn’t share their content review information across platforms.

How long did it take to expose the ‘Bagets’ feed on Facebook?

As you can see in the Facebook Post in this article, there was at least 15 hours between her public post exposing the ‘Bagets’ feed and at least one report to Facebook. UPDATE: As of 3:00 AM 8/30/2020 Facebook has completely removed all of the content including the word ‘BAGETS’.

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