Streaming TV shows, sports and movies online is a captivating activity for relaxing after a long day at work or at home with the kids. There are multiple big names you can choose to stream engaging shows night after night but Italian residents have their own preference when it comes to choosing the best evening entertainment.

Il corsaro nero offers an easy way to find great torrent sites and once it has been used for the first time it isn’t easy to turn away. Searching for torrent sites will never be as easy ever again.

Downloading content from a torrent site

Making a search through an online search engine will flag up the locations of torrent files which are of interest to you.They can often be found on a wide selection of host sites but in order to watch them you need to download the metadata. 

In order to do this you will need a BitTorrent client. These are often free so don’t worry about cashing out big sums of money. These clients have the coding needed to interpret the metadata of the torrent files you are downloading. Without it you may just wind up looking at a lot of characters and not much else.

Once you have everything you need installed on your device, it is simply a case of typing whatever content you want to watch in to the search bar then pressing play.

Does the black corsair still work?

Yes. There was a period of time last year when the site went through some issues and went down for a while. Understandably in this time people had to find alternative ways to find their ideal content but the site does still work.

However, corsaro nero can still have problems with other various Italian sites which have put up blocks. This can often be referred to as geoblocks, which essentially obstruct users from viewing certain content. Sometimes this is down to copyright laws with include clauses about advertising, actors and even title names themselves. However, just because there are blocks in place doesn’t mean its imppossible to watch the content.

Getting around geoblocked content on torrent sites

There are ways of getting around the issues such as using a vpn. Virtual Private Networks allow you to access the Internet from a different computer or device, keeping your own location private. There is a choice of servers which can be used in order to connect to the Internet, which can make a difference as to whether or not you can access geolocked content.

For example, if you are in France and want to watch Italian shows you may be confronted with an error message syaing the content is not available. However, if you can connect to a server which is based in Italy, you will have an Italian IP address attached to your connection which will in turn bypass the geoblock restrictions as other parties will believe you are actually located in Italy.