Bigg Boss 3 Malayalam Vote Result


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Bigg Boss 3 Malayalam Vote Result

What happened to Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 finalists?

Just recently, the 8 finalists of Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 arrived back home after completing close to 96 days in the madhouse. The contestants had to, unfortunately, return from Chennai as the show ended abruptly owing to the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic.

How many contestants are in the Bigg Boss 10 house?

The eight contestants inside the house including Manikuttan, Dimpal Bhal, Anoop Krishnan, Sai Vishnu, Ramzan Muhammed, Rithu Manthra, Kidilam Firoz and Noby Marcose are now competing in the crucial task which will take them very close to the finale of the popular reality show.

Is Manikuttan the most popular contestant in Bigg Boss?

As per the leading tabloid The News Crunch's latest data (Monday and Tuesday), currently, Manikuttan is on the top spot followed by Dimpal Bhal and Sai Vishnu. Though Sai's gameplay in the Monday episode was highly slammed by the audience, the other two contestants were seen playing their best in the ball task.

Who won the first round of Bigg Boss Khatron task?

For the uninitiated, first round of the task has been won by Anoop Krishnan, who now tops the list with 8 points followed by Ramzan and Dimpal with 7 points each. Interestingly, the task required the contestants to gather and distribute balls as per the announcement given by Bigg Boss.

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