Biometric Technologies along with a Couple of Ideas to Choose It

Biometrics can be used as two fundamental purposes like for verification as well as for identification of users. It’s the easiest and secure tool. Biometrics measures individual’s behavior characteristics and also to authenticate identity. Physical biometrics includes retina, finger marks, facial characteristics, etc.

Biometric Technologies

Finger marks

Fingerprints vary for every person through the pattern available on their finger. Types of approaches exist for fingerprint verification, pattern matching device, ultrasound, traditional police method, etc.


This requires analyzing the layer of bloodstream vessels situated at back from the eye. Low intensity source of light can be used to scan the initial pattern from the retina by utilizing optical coupler.


Analyzing the way in which user signs his name is verified with this. Options that come with signature for example speed, velocity and pressure are as essential as statistic form of the finished signature.


Technology is there to change voice to text format. This biometrics requires microphones. PINs, passwords, account names could be substituted with voice biometrics.


Facial image could be taken through camera for user authentication. Casino industry has capitalized about this database to build up a facial database of scam artists for convenient recognition.