Bones and joints are like the brick and mortar of our body. Our joints are made up of bones that look like sockets and attach to each other in a highly sophisticated manner. Taking good care of your bones and joints from an early age helps in making sure that the bone health stays that way even when you grow older.

With proper nutrition, healthcare, physical activity, and medicinal help such as ayurvedic herbs, myaxyl balms, and other ayurvedic oils, it is possible to control joint pain later. Many elders suffer from extreme joint pain even after years of strenuous work and activity, leading most of us to believe that physical activity has little to do when it comes to taking care of the joints. This may sound true, but there is a lot involved when it comes to bone health.

Understanding Human Joints

Human joints are made in a very sophisticated manner, one that constantly amazes and adds enigma to god’s work. Each joint has multiple large and small bones that support one another in a lock and key kind of fashion to enable movement. This socket is constantly lubricated by Synovial fluid that helps minimize the friction and enable smooth rotation and movement between these bones.

Much like the parts of an engine, lubrication keeps the pistons and the other shafts running smoothly and minimizes the heat and friction when they rub against each other. That is the same principle with the joints and the synovial fluid present in the joints.

The absence or damage to this synovial fluid due to any wear and tear that is caused in the joints or due to an external infection affecting the bones such as arthritis, gouts, and various types of arthritis such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, can cause extreme pain, swelling, water retention, and reddening of the joint. This might also temporarily impair the joint’s movement.

Gouts are a very common condition that generally affects the male population more than the females and can be seen in men as young as 35 years old. An increase in the amount of protein and uric acid in the blood work can hamper the efficiency of joints and the synovial fluid present therein. This is the major reason for most joint-related problems, aside from the age factor, in which case the synovial fluid depletes due to wear and tear and age.

Tips to Maintain Good Bone and Joint Health

Like any other health tip, starting young is the key. With age, most people suffer from movement and age-related issues, but there are some things one can do to help their case from a young age.

1. Diet

It is advised to maintain a healthy diet with fresh, whole food instead of junk and fried food from a young age as it helps in maintaining bone health. Keep your diet as simple and clean as possible. Non-vegetarian options must be included, but in the right quantities as the body’s capability to handle and digest proteins decreases after a point of time.

2. Lifestyle

Lifestyle needs to be active and must include regular physical activity such as running, jogging, walking or any kind of sports such as tennis, swimming or cycling. A sedentary lifestyle will slowly kill your joints and decrease your ability to move and flex after a certain period of time. Stretching is another great move for your joint health as it relieves stress from the joints. Aerobics, cardio exercises, Yoga, and Surya Namaskar, are considered to be amazing for joints when done regularly.

3. Supplements

Even with diet and lifestyle measures, some people still end up with bad joints, and this is just a natural process. With age, the synovial fluids may weaken, and the bones are more susceptible to injury and wear and tear, causing the joints to freeze. In such cases, supplements can help.

Ayurveda has some amazing herbal oils and balms, such as murivenna oil and myaxyl oil, that comes in an ayurvedic oil base with many extracts that help relieve pain from the joints, and the regular massage of these oils can even bring back the movement ability. Calcium and Vitamin D supplements also help till a point of time, and joint massages with topical oil bring relief to the pain and inflexibility.

These are some of the tips to maintain good bone and joint health from the very beginning to help individuals stay healthy and fit for a long period of time.