Can You Seek Compensation If your Car Has No Visible Damage After a Car Accident?

Man calling first aid after car crash accident


If you have been in a car accident and you don’t see any damage after it, you may still have a case. Your vehicle may have internal damage, particularly when it begins to make noises. After a car accident, you need to take your car to a professional mechanic to get it checked immediately. 

Also, some physical injuries may not present symptoms right away. After a car accident, you may experience symptoms days or weeks after the crash. But, you may find it hard to prove your case if your car has no visible damage. When this happens, contact an experienced Las Vegas car accident lawyer.  Your attorney will investigate your accident and help you build a claim, so you can pursue compensation for your injuries or damages. 

Hidden Damage to Vehicles After an Accident

Some vehicle damages may not be visible immediately after a car accident. The impact of the crash can damage your car’s frame or lead to the battery failing. The mechanical components of your car may have also been damaged or your car may be experiencing a fluid leak. This damage may not be visible without professional inspection.  

Reporting Your Car Accident Despite the Lack of Visible Damage

Even if your car looks undamaged, call the police to report the accident, so you can get an official record of the crash. Because an office may not respond to an accident that doesn’t cause injuries, you may need to go to the police station to report the crash. Also, it is important to exchange information with the other driver since you will need it when you file an accident injury claim. 

Failing to report the accident will leave you unprotected if the other driver files a claim against you. For example, the other driver may claim they suffered injuries from the accident or even blame you for causing the accident and demand that you pay all the damages. Also, if you don’t report the accident, you may not be able to recover compensation for your injuries should you develop some later on.

Proving Your Claim

Should you file an injury claim later, you need evidence to prove it. Insurance companies will question whether you truly sustain injuries from an accident with no visible damage. They will use different tactics to reduce your claim or deny it altogether. Your medical records can prove your injuries. Even if your car accident was minor, you could suffer a neck or back injury, brain injury, head trauma, or internal injury. Your lawyer will help you gather evidence to prove that your injuries resulted from your car accident.  

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