Canopy Design


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Canopy Design

Why choose canopy architecture?

While Canopy’s roots lie in social impact and equity-based design, we have built an architectural staff coming from varied professional, academic and cultural backgrounds. Each project benefits from our diversity of experiences, our deep curiosity and the global design perspective we nurture through research and travel.

What is the best material for a canopy?

Canopy design with transparent glass material is also often a mainstay because it is quite charming and suitable with a minimalist style. The disadvantage of the design of the glass canopy is that the glass cannot hold the sun to its full potential, but it can be sufficient if it is only to withstand rain.

How are the canopy canopies made?

With all materials laser cut they are then NC folded, assembled and TIG welded together. Engineered using Marine Grade aluminium, helps keeps the weight down but also provides a durable structurally sound canopy without the compromise on strength or quality.

Should you install a canopy on your home page?

Installing a canopy on the home page at the moment is no longer a strange thing. Many houses, both classic, modern, and minimalist designs that add a canopy to beautify their yard.

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