Commercial Popcorn Machine – Usage and Advantages

What is a commercial popcorn machine?

Have you ever seen a giant popcorn machine that pops out tons of popcorns every hour in the cinema theatres or malls? Those are the commercial popcorn machines capable of serving many popcorn lovers at a time in such huge events or gatherings. These machines will create high-quality popcorn with a splendid taste that attracts everyone to have it. The machine’s heat efficiency will be pretty good, and no heat or oil will get wasted. If you need to serve popcorns for several people consistently as said in the above examples, commercial popcorn makers are the only practical choice. However, efficiency and taste will be top-notch if it is the best commercial popcorn machine. Commercial popcorn makers are of two types as pneumatic type popcorn makers and manual type. Only disadvantage of using a commercial popcorn maker can be its high price. Let us see some of the advantages and working of commercial popcorn makers in this article.

Advantages of using a commercial popcorn maker

  • You can serve many people within a few minutes
  • Better heating efficiency because of the classy heating system
  • Better taste and quality of popcorn
  • You do not need to control the machine for most of the part, and attention will be needed only for dumping the kernels into the machine and taking out the popped corns
  • The motor facility inside the machine will spread heat to the kernels equally
  • Oil gets heated in a better way using the heating system
  • Corns will never burn in these machines since the control system is there that equally distributes the un-popped corns

How to use a commercial popcorn maker?

  • Essentials to make popcorn – Popcorn machine, Popcorn Kernels, Heat, Oil, Butter, and Salt if needed.
  • Turn on the machine by switching on the Power button
  • A light will be there to indicate that the machine is on
  • The bottom part of the machine will start getting warmed to keep the popped corns hot and fresh
  • Mostly the kettle will be made of either Aluminium or Stainless steel
  • Open the kettle using the lid and pour the kernels depending on the size of the kettle.
  • You can add butter, salt, chili powder, and the likes of your choice if needed
  • Close the lid when you finish
  • Switch on the kettle using another switch denoted as kettle, to start popping
  • The kettle will start popping because of the oil that is heated using the heating system
  • A motor will automatically rotate inside the kettle to sweep kernels to spread heat equally
  • Once the corns get popped to their full size, they will pop out of the kettle by opening the lid
  • After the lid slows down, off the kettle switch
  • Open the kettle using the lid and dump the corns that are remaining in it to the storage area
  • This lid operation can either be manual or pneumatic based on the model of the machine
  • Please stay away from the kettle since it will be too hot
  • Serve the corn

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