Consider The Big Picture To Negotiate After Home Inspection

If you want to make the best out of the negotiation process after home inspection, you should always care about and consider the big picture. This involves your needs in the future. For example, you should consider the renovating needs down the road in the home while negotiating. It is also needed to consider whether or not the defects pointed out in the home inspection report will be obsolete after these are fixed. This means that you will need to consider the pros, cos as well as the gravity of the repairs to arrive at your final decision. This actually is the most significant aspect of home inspection negotiation. 

Type and size of repairs

Repairs can be minor or major, and it is this size that you should consider while negotiating. All small repairs may be done by the seller but if these are significant then you should look into the matter from a different angle. You must know whether or not it will be more feasible to ask for a ‘credit’ from the seller for these repairs toward the closing costs. The situation may be such that a reduced price may suffice your needs and may be necessary to close the deal. However, qat this point you should remember that it will be difficult to make the seller to agree to a price reduction if the repairs are not substantial.

Making your request

You must follow a specific way to make your request for repairs to the seller. This is important because the seller will always try to spend as little money as possible on repairs before they sell their homes within a short time frame. This makes good enough sense because they want to make the maximum profit out of the sale. Knowing this fact, you should ask for a credit instead of asking the seller to make the actual repairs.

The common issues revealed

However, you should base your decision on the inspection report and the issues revealed in it. This will bring down the closing cost and the saved money can be used for making the repairs to the home. Some of the most common issues in a house that may be revealed during the home inspection includes electrical issues such as frayed and not up to the code wiring and improper electrical panels. It may also include plumbing issues, foundation flaws, mold existence, leaking roofs, faulty doors and windows, termites and pests, chimneys, asbestos and more.