The CUET – Common University Entrance is a National Level entrance test. It is conducted by NTA- National Testing Agency to place students in universities across the nation. The exam is conducted for different programs such as undergraduate, postgraduate, integrated, certification courses, diplomas, and research programmes based on specializations. The exam is nationwide accepted in 45 Central Universities and other State and Deemed universities. The exam is held in around 500 cities across India and also abroad in 14 cities. The CUET score is accepted in every university that has registered its seats under NTA.

Why Should Students Know CUET Exam Pattern And Marking Scheme?

Students preparing for CUET should understand many basic fundamentals related to the exam and the course they are preparing for. Students usually pay more importance to the syllabus, topics and subjects and forget to study the exam pattern. To understand the marking scheme, the student should know in detail about the exam structure. Starting the syllabus without understanding the exam structure, pattern and mark distribution will be meaningless.

When you understand these important factors, you can figure out and plan to prepare the important topics based on weightage and aggregates. It becomes complex and difficult to frame the topics without knowing the exam structure. A perfect timetable can only be made with proper knowledge of exam patterns and marks distribution.

When students get to know about the mark distribution in each section, they can list out the topics which fall under the highest marking section. Likewise, the students can spend more time preparing the major topics. Sometimes, without having an idea about the mark distribution, students spend excessive time on the least necessary topics.

The other advantage of understanding the marking scheme is that it helps to complete the test and cover all the questions within the duration. The marks are distributed in the entire question paper with the estimated time limit. When you understand the strategy of the marking pattern, you will complete the questions early and get enough time to check.

Complete Overview Of Exam Pattern And Marking Scheme 2022

In 2022, the CUET exam pattern has undergone a bit of change. The pattern varies in both sections – Slot I and Slot II. CUET 2022 will be conducted online through computer-based mode. The duration will be of 2.5 hours. The overall exam will have general tests, Section 1A, Section 1B, and domain-specific subjects. Section 1A is compulsory, and the will is available in 13 languages. The aspirants are given options to choose the convenient language based on their choice. Section 1B is optional. It is for the students who desire to choose another language apart from Section 1A. Some of the offered languages are Arabic, French, German, etc. The number of questions and mark distribution varies from section to section based on the slots. 

Exam Structure and Marking Scheme For Slot 1 in Morning Session

The slot 1 exam structure has three subject sections language, domain-specific subjects and general tests. 

  • Language- It is the first section. Here, the students choose any of the 13 languages which are opted in section 1A. The students should attempt 40 questions out of 50. The marks per question are 5. The total mark of this section is 200. The duration given for the language section is 145 minutes.
  • Domain Specific Subjects- This section is of the maximum of two subjects. 40 out of 50 questions to attempt. It also carries 5 marks for each question and 200 total marks. The duration for each subject is 45 minutes. For two subjects, maximum of 90 minutes. 
  • General Test – The number of questions the students need to attempt in the general test is 60 out of 75. Each carries 5 marks, and the total mark is 300. The time limit given is 60 minutes.

Note: One mark will be deducted for four wrong answer, and unanswered will be given zero marks.

Exam Structure and Marking Scheme Of Slot 2 in Afternoon Session

There are two sections in slot 2 for the afternoon session. 

  • Language- Here, any one of the 13 languages chosen in section 1A. The students will attempt 40 questions out of 50. Each question carries 5 marks, and the total mark of the section is 200. The duration is, as usual, 45 minutes per language.
  • Domain Specific- The students can opt maximum of 4 subjects. Similarly, 40 questions to be attempted out of 50 each carry 5 marks. The total mark of the section is 200. The time limit for each subject is 45 minutes and a maximum of 3 hours for 4 subjects. 

Note: One mark will be deducted for four wrong answer, and unanswered will be given zero marks.

Based on the marks you obtained from the section 1 and section 2 CUET your ranking and CUET cut off marks will be declared after exam is complete for all the domains.

Students must be aware of the exam structure and marking scheme before attempting the CUET 2022.