Darjeeling Election 2021 Result


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Darjeeling Election 2021 Result

Who won Darjeeling assembly election 2021?

Darjeeling Assembly Election Results 2021: Neeraj Tamang Zimba of BJP has won the Darjeeling Vidhan Sabha (MLA) Constituency with a margin of 21276 votes by defeating Keshav Raj Sharma of IND.

Where is Darjeeling constituency?

Darjeeling comes under Darjeeling district of West Bengal State.are key candidates contested from Darjeeling constituency in the 2021 West Bengal Assembly elections along with many other independent candidates.

What is the electorate gender ratio in Darjeeling in 2021 elections?

The electorate gender ratio in Darjeeling in 2021 is 1032. In the 2016 polls, there were a total of 2,37,470 eligible electors, of which 1,19,350 were male, 1,18,120 female and voters of the third gender.

How many eligible voters are there in Darjeeling?

In the 2011 West Bengal Assembly elections, there were a total of 2,17,964 eligible electors, of which 1,10,125 were male, 1,07,839 female and voters of the third gender. The number of service voters in Darjeeling in 2016 was 8,637. In 2011, there were 5,610.

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