Different Dental Filling Options You Must Know About

Dental fillings are the most commonly opted treatment option to deal with cavities. In this procedure, empty areas in your tooth are filled with dental fillings, and thus your tooth is related or restored. Dental fillings are even used to repair cracks in teeth.

There are many different types of dental fillings offered by Rancho Bernardo dental clinics. All these filling options are different from one another because the materials used in each filling are different. If you are looking forward to getting a filling done, Hekmat Family Dentistry is your best option. They not only have a team of learned and experienced staff working with them but even the latest equipment at their disposal.

Different types of dental fillings

  1. Amalgam fillings

This type of filling is silver in color as it is made using mercury and silver alloy. Amalgam fillings are cheaper compared to other options. They are sturdy and known for lasting 15-20 years easily. Some of the best dentist Rancho Bernardo still recommends Amalgam fillings.

  1. Gold inlays and Onlays

This filling is convenient to use in most areas of the mouth. Gold inlay is used to fill any cavities within the biting surface, whereas gold Onlays are used to cover larger areas. This filling is pretty strong and lasts for years. Nevertheless, it is comparatively expensive.

  1. Composite fillings

This is one of the most recommended fillings. Composite fillings are not as strong as Amalgam or Gold fillings, but when taken care of, they last for years. It is made by mixing powdered glass, silica, ceramic particles, and other materials into a resin base. The best part about composite filling is they are available in tooth color.

Your 4S Ranch dentist will choose a shade exactly like your teeth color, and thus filling will feel and look just like your natural tooth.

  1. Porcelain inlays

This is again a tooth-colored filling that can last for years. Rancho Bernardo dentistry can design perfectly fitting porcelain inlays for you in just a visit or two. However, this inlay can even be developed in a laboratory, but for that, you might have to visit the clinic multiple times. If you are on a budget, porcelain inlays can prove to be quite expensive. 

Pros and cons of different materials used in fillings


  • Gold and silver color fillings are appreciated for their pleasing appearance.
  • It is possible to get a shade that exactly matches your tooth color in composite and porcelain fillings.


  • Gold fillings are very expensive. Also, you will have to visit the clinic multiple times. 
  • Amalgam filling will require more tooth drilling. Larger space is needed to hold this filling in place. 
  • A composite filling is twice as expensive as amalgam fillings. They mostly don’t last for more than 10 years.  
  • Ceramic materials used in Porcelain fillings are as expensive as gold fillings. 

So, you see there are multiple ways in which you can deal with your cavities. All you need is to consult a reputed and experienced dentist who can recommend the best suitable option, considering your condition as well as budget.