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Dlsud Schoolbook

How do I Reset my DLSUD schoolbook password?

Once you forget your password, you can simply click on the forgot password link and Microsoft Office 365 will text or email you the new temporary password. Once you have updated it, go to the Schoolbook link on the website placed on the upper right portion beside My.DLSUD Portal. Click the Log In page then log in with Office 365.

How do I access my DLSUD email account?

Visit www.dlsud.edu.ph. Click the My.DLSUD mail icon at the upper right portion of the site. Type the email address and temporary password. You need to change the temporary password for your account's security.

Is schoolbook being used for laziness?

I’m really really fond of using schoolbook. It’s making the lives of the students easy as well as the professors. It’s like schoolwork-on-the-go. Some would say it’s being used for laziness but I highly opposed to that, Schoolbook is not made for lazy ass, it’s a proof that we adpat to changes especially in technology.

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