Elevator shoes will make you look naturally taller

elevator shoes for men

Elevator shoes are a regular shoe that has extra material added inside the shoe itself, often made from wood, rubber, or other materials to add height to the shoe. This makes the person appear taller, corrects posture and alignment of the body, and helps to maintain the health of the knees and the back. Often used in orthopedic shoes and in instances where one leg is shorter than the other to help the body remain in alignment by evening the distance from ground to the hips. They keep the body facing squarely to the front which allows for taller poster and better alignment as well as offering a boost of height. Where a whole pair of elevator shoes is hard to locate there may be insoles that can offer a smaller boost of height and help to improve the alignment of the feet and the bones, though they will not last as long or work as well as a pair of elevator or orthopedic shoes. 

Originally created as orthotic shoes to help correct the alignment of the bones within the feet and to help keep the ankles, hips, and back properly aligned and pain free, elevator shoes are now used not only in orthotics but also to add height to the shoe. Where the feet are not correctly aligned or there is missing support, orthotic shoes or insoles can be prescribed to correct the alignment and the positioning of the foot. This has been used to correct several misalignments and foot concerns for decades. Where one leg is longer than the other elevator shoes can be used to adjust the height of the shoe on the shorter leg, or on each shoe to create an even gait and maintain the alignment of the feet, ankles, legs, knees, hips and spine to avoid painful walking and misalignment. With one foot boosted to the same position as the other there is a fairly quickly noticed decrease in pain and it can become easier to walk and remain standing for longer periods of time.

Those who are shorter than they like or who have health issues that stop their growth rate prematurely, elevator shoes can help them to appear taller and more average in height. Offering a boost of confidence and allowing people to go out more and feel like they belong a little better in the group of people around them.  This can make activities possible that are not otherwise easily done, and it can encourage people to enter new social situations and interactions. 

When an elevator shoe, or a pair of elevator shoes, is worn they change the way the legs, hips, and body align correctly which can help to decrease pain and visits to the chiropractor for realignment. A lift within a shoe helps the hips to stay facing directly forward evenly and without twisting to either side or favouring one of the other, creating a better posture and presentation. By correcting the alignment, the body faces forward squarely and is not angled or hunched over, the body remains straight and tall. By correcting the form while walking and standing, improving the posture by providing a lift to the shoes, and helping the back stay straight and shoulders back there will not only be less joint and muscle pain but less back pain and shoulder tension. By maintaining correct posture there can be fewer visits to a chiropractor or massage therapist, which can in turn reduce medical expenses for these visits, as well as freeing up the time it takes to attend them. 

Adding a lift material to the inside of the shoe helps to boost up the alignment of the foot, which corrects the alignment of the ankles and the legs, and this flows upwards to adjust the alignment of the hips as well. Once these are all in their correct positions the lower back is found to be positioned correctly as well, and the back will be straight and tall. The improvements continue through the spine and help to maintain a proper posture of shoulders back and squared straight over the hips, with the hips facing directly forward and the feet facing forward without deviating to the side. This has the additional benefit of correcting the walk to be straighter and more direct. All of these benefits end up decreasing the pain level of the joints and muscles throughout the body. To be pain free makes the investment in elevator shoes to be well worth it. 

GuidoMaggi elevator shoes are available in all types and styles of shoes so you can find a pair for any occasion. There are dress shoes for those nights out that have an elegant or sleek look to fit your personality and clothing. You can get running shoes or sneakers for days at the gym or working out outside, they are available in both the shoe itself or an insole to fit your favourite shoe, though there may not be room for a proper lift in all shoes so check first or order a guidomaggi elevator shoe directly and skip the insole. For laid back days that do not require full dress shoes there are several other options available to match any day or mood and fit all your shoe needs.

While elevator shoes have been around for decades they are still as useful and important today as they ever were. They not only offer confidence and comfort to those who feel they need a little extra height, but they also relieve pain and help to decrease the future occurrences of pain and joint damage through encouraging proper posture and alignment of the whole body from the feet up. They can reduce pain and make chiropractor visits needed less frequently, while also helping to maintain the health of the joints by ensuring they are not damaged by incorrect posture or misalignments of the joints that damages the limits and the joints themselves. Better health may only be a pair of shoes away for those who have uneven legs, painful walking, or poor posture.