Experience The Attractions Of San Francisco Through A Bike Tour

Those who love nature and  have a desire for adventure while traveling, should make a bike tour a top choice. It’s often the best way to enjoy and experience a place while traveling. A bike tour is our preferred way to explore for the following reasons:

  • Exploring new places thoroughly: Rather than just exploring the place from the outside, behind the windows of a bus or car, you can really feel a the place one a bike ride. To engage in the culture of city, to get up close and personal, a bike tour is a natural choice. Plus, you can access places that cars and walking tours can’t meaning you’ll get the best photos too!
  • Be more than a tourist: Through a bike tour one can be not just a tourist but a traveler who can experience the realness of the city rather than just passing through it.
  • An active travel experience: Make the most of your trip, get some fresh air and exercise, and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.  It just adds to the enjoyment when you can travel actively.
  • Meet new people and travel like a local: On a bike one you can easily connect with the people and local culture of a place in a the most authentic way. This unique local experience is almost impossible through a car or bus tour.

San Francisco is one of the most visited destination by the travelers to the U.S. for good reason. The beauty of its waterways, islands, mountains, colorful neighborhoods, sunshine, and sailboats all make it a wonderful place to explore. One may find different ways to travel around the city but a San Francisco bike tour by Dandyhorse, the only small, independent tour company in the city, is the best way to:


  • Enjoy spectacular views of the San Francisco Bay and discover more about the city’s fascinating history.
  • Enjoy and explore the most famous landmarks of the city.
  • Explore Golden Gate park, which is one of the largest urban parks in the USA.
  • Experience the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Learn about the city’s coolest local neighborhoods.
  • Discover the amazing museums including a stop at the DeYoung museum incredible lookout tower.