Five Essential Tips for Attracting Clientele to your virtual store

With technology, many businesses use online platforms to provide their services. Many online stores offer the same services. There is a lot of competition. Setting up an online shop, no matter what you sell – “write my paper online” services or clothing –  is not a challenge. For an online business to work successfully, it needs customers. Attracting customers may sound like an easy task, but in reality, it is quite an uphill task. The following five tips should help you get started on attracting clients and creating traffic to your store.

  • An Attractive Store

Having an attractive website attracts clients. It is the store’s face and the initial impression a customer gets about your business. People love and click on beautiful websites. It is vital to keep it beautiful but also professional, which gives the store a trustworthy and reliable look. Many customers value the face of the store. The more attractive it is, the more clients you get.

  • Activity On Social Media

Apart from payments made for advertising among networks, social media offers free platforms where you can upload your products and get clients fast. It is vital to do the following to get followers on your social media pages.

  • Post every day. It helps keeps the customers updated and
  •  Engage your Followers. Conduct small questionnaires concerning your products to get their views and catch the follower’s attention.
  • Use Visuals. Images and videos attract more people.
  •   Select the best social media platforms for your brand. Pinterest and Facebook have more traffic compared to other platforms
  • Customer Care

Exceptional customer service attracts many clients. It is vital to make the customer’s experience in your shop positively noteworthy. Respond to customer’s questions and comments promptly. Getting positive feedback from customers gives you the upper hand in terms of gaining more clientele base.

  • Promotions

Everybody loves discounts and promotions the word ‘free’ makes people excited and stimulates a positive emotion. Things like free shipping increase purchases in stores because the shipping fee is a reason why some clients opt not to make purchases.

The other way is giving discounts and awarding regular customers special offers like free products or discounts after a certain number of purchases. It makes them feel appreciated. That way, they even make referrals to friends and family. 

  • Marketing on E-mail

It is an affordable and effective way of attracting clients. From a survey conducted by Epsilon 54% of the people have a positive attitude to businesses that e-mail them. 71% say that while shopping, they remember the emails sent to them.

The following are some email ideas 

  • Send emails about new merchandise 
  • Send emails about promotions and sales
  • Send discount coupon emails to customers who have not shopped at your shop for some time.
  • Send emails to customers after the purchase with similar product suggestions 
  • Send emails with tips on how to use the products. It piques the interest of the customer.


Starting an online shop is easy. Getting customers is the most challenging task especially, with so many stores offering the same services as your store. Knowing what platforms to use and getting creative with your website and social media pages are vital when it comes to attracting customers. Authenticity in service provision and customer care services with no doubt will attract clients and keep them coming back.


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