Golden Oldies: 3 Reasons to Go Retro With Your Next Party

Golden Oldies by Various Artists on TIDAL
The oldies are the goodies. Nostalgia is a powerful thing and it can be used to make memories that feel fresh and new. There are so many reasons to go retro with your next party, here are three of them:

1. It’s Nostalgic

Retro parties are all the rage these days, and for good reason. The nostalgia factor is what makes these events so appealing to so many people. People want to feel like they are going back in time, when the world was simpler and less complicated.

The idea of going back to the old days and recalling memories from your childhood is appealing because it makes you feel like you are a child again, which is often times associated with happiness.

2. It’s Cost-Effective

Many people are not aware of the cost benefits of having a retro party. If you want to throw a party that is going to be memorable, why not go for something different? A retro party can be done on a budget and it can also be unique.

The first reason why having a retro party is cost effective is because it is easy to find decorations and clothes from the past. This makes the process of planning much easier and cheaper.

If you don’t have any luck finding clothes and decorations in your storage or your parent’s basement, you’re likely to hit the jackpot at a local thrift store.

It’s also easy to find food that was popular in the past to fit the theme. You can serve foods that are still popular today like pizza, hot dogs, and hamburgers or really dive deeply into the theme and serve deviled eggs, pigs in a blanket, or other foods that remind you of the past.

3. It’s Easy

There are so many reasons to throw a retro party, including the fact that it’s easy. You don’t need to worry about finding old-fashioned clothes, or getting your hands on a vintage dress. You can just use what you already have in your closet for your party or make a quick trip to a thrift store.

You can easily decorate for the event with vintage items and quickly come up with more ideas for the party simply be remembering what you used to do in the past.

Having games at the party can be fun and nostalgic by pulling out old board games from your closet or you can have an incredible dance party by playing all of the oldies that you used to drive around listening to when you were 16. 

If retro party ideas aren’t coming as easy as you’d thought, consider hiring a professional entertainer. Michael Francis Sinatra for example, provides entertainment by singing songs by Frank Sinatara that will surely take your guests back to the good old days. Unless you are planning to have an 80s themed party, a rock band would likely be a better fit. 

However you decide to throw a retro party, the best thing you can do to ensure it’s success is to have fun! So party like you’re in the 1970s and relive all of your fondest childhood memories!