Safe Grilling Tips - EMS Safety Services (An HSI Company)

Barbeques are a summer staple, and everyone loves a couple of hot dogs and hamburgers on a grill with the family. Summertime fun is great, but making sure nobody gets hurt, including yourself, is a big piece to a successful barbeque. One of the most dangerous parts of a barbeque is the mishandling of barbeque equipment, such as a grill. 


The grill is an outdoor contraption for cooking, so needless to say; there can be some safety concerns while manning one. Luckily, below are some safety tips you can check out before your next big event. 


Location of Grill


The location of your grill can make or break an evening that you have planned for a long time. For example, if you have your grill closer than 10 feet from anything remotely flammable, you risk catching things on fire. It goes without saying that once things start catching on fire, the party is officially over. Also, if you are grilling for a family, there are kids there, and you don’t want to hurt someone or their children. 


That being said, keep your grill six to ten feet away from things that are flammable.




What you are putting into your grill can be just as important as where your grill is located. The preferred and most common means of grilling food is propane. If you get it from a reliable propane supplier, propane is a very safe, easy, and reliable source of fuel for your grill.


Uncle Eric, who has a big propane tank in his backyard, might not know exactly what he is doing while filling your propane tank. If he does it incorrectly, your entire backyard could end up in flames. You may love uncle eric, but spend the extra couple bucks to get your propane tank filled from a reliable location. 


Clean your Grill 


Not only is it gross, and your family and or guests will not appreciate it, but not cleaning your grill leaves leftover buildup and residue. This residue can fuel potential fires, so clean your grill for both the food’s sake and your guest’s safety. 




Proper attire while grilling can prevent you from being burned or in a hospital. Long sleeves are a necessity when grilling, but you will want tighter fitting sleeves. Preventing self-injury is extremely important, but you could catch them on fire without even noticing if you have long loose sleeves. 


Companies also make highly effective grilling gloves that could prevent possibly accidental self-harm. Staying safe and uncooked behind a grill is a must because the only meat you want your grill to cook is the meat bought from a store, not you. 




After the pandemic, the last thing you want to do is put your loved ones in jeopardy; they just recently started to get out of it. Making sure you are handling equipment properly is very important. But, don’t be afraid to have fun either. Just because you are safe doesn’t mean you need to be boring.