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Happy Lucky Lottery Result Today

What are the Lucky Numbers in the lottery?

The lottery numbers are drawn truly at random, so there is no way to predict what numbers will be drawn or even if a given number has a higher chance than the rest of being drawn on the next lottery draw. In that sense, there are no "lucky numbers" with regards to the lottery.

What are the odds of winning the Lucky for Life lottery?

Pick five numbers from 1 to 48. Pick a Lucky Ball number from 1 to 18. Check if you’ve won. $2 per play. Overall odds of winning a prize in Lucky for Life are 1 in 7.8.

What is the prize for the Lucky Ball in lottery?

The Lucky Ball is a sixth ball between 1 and 18. Matching it earns a prize of at least $4, depending on if you matched other numbers, too. What’s the top prize in the game?

What is the top prize for Lucky for life?

The top prize for Lucky for Life is $1,000 a day for life. 23 jurisdictions participate in the Lucky for Life game. The top two prize categories may be shared in cases where there are multiple winners in those categories. You must be 18 or older to play except in Nebraska (19 or older) and Iowa (21 or older).

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