Home Improvement ideas starting with having your gutters cleaned

According to the UK Parliament, the epidemic of Covid-19 has led to extremely high levels of public spending. The cost of the government initiatives revealed so far is estimated to be between £310 and £410 billion. This means the public is looking for new ways to spend on upgrading their homes. You might already have been one of the many people asking themselves, “How can I improve the exterior of my home?” Whether it’s getting your gutters cleaned or looking for a new roof. One of the most popular ways the public has upgraded their homes is through exterior home improvement plans. This list will take you through six ways you can upgrade the exterior of your home and make your neighbours envious.


Get your gutters cleaned


Gutters are key to keeping water away from your house but also a key element in the look of your house. To keep your house looking tidy and your gutters functioning here is why you should think about getting your gutters cleaned. 


Rainwater may not drain properly if gutters and downspouts are clogged with leaves and debris. When water overflows from gutters, it can cause damage to your home’s inside and exterior. Rainwater has nowhere to run when gutters are clogged. When water continues to overflow, it might leave behind rotted or leaking roofs. 


Getting your gutters cleaned regularly can massively change the way your home looks over time. As a homeowner, you may have a long list of tasks to complete before the arrival of winter. If it isn’t already on your fall to-do list, ensure that you follow through with gutter cleaning  to remove leaves, sticks, and debris. Keeping leaves out of gutters is critical for safeguarding your home’s structure and avoiding future (and sometimes costly) hassles. If you aren’t able to clean your gutters and would like some help hire a professional to handle the unpleasant task. Get no-obligation job estimates from gutter professionals today Click Here.


A new roof (Slate Roof vs Tile Roof)

In addition to having your gutters cleaned, a new roof will bring an amazing new look to your home. The next step would be finding a roof that suits you whether it’s slate or tile, we will help you make this decision. It is hard to tell the difference between slates and tiles if you aren’t a builder or architect, and the reality is that they are very similar in many ways: they accomplish comparable jobs, are laid in similar ways, and even appear similar. However, there are some factors to consider before making a final decision.


The most significant distinction is that natural roofing slate is just that: natural, whereas artificial slates or roof tiles, whether concrete or clay, are made. As a result, slate tiles may be the better option for people seeking a true rustic style. 


Roof tiles are manufactured by heating clay or concrete in a kiln, which is a human-made process. Roof tiles come in a far greater choice of shapes and colours than real slates since they are manufactured. This can help a roof tile appeal to customers who are looking for a specific colour or design effect. Whether your decision is Tile or Slate we hope we’ve made this decision easier.


Front Door Replacement

Front door replacement is a very simple work that can do wonders in adding value to your house, whether for energy, security, style, or simply to give the exterior of your home a boost in visual appeal. It’s also a good way to keep your energy bills down. It’s a good idea to establish a plan and make some selections about styles and materials before you start taking your old front door off the hinges. 


When people look at your home, the first thing they see is your front door: it immediately catches attention and has a large role in the initial impression guests, neighbours, and passers-by get. It will, by default, affect the market value of your home.


Upgrading your decking or patio

Your deck is the perfect area for outdoor entertainment, cooking, and relaxing. A few design changes, such as lighting, privacy screens, and outdoor furniture, can help your deck reach its full potential.


Refresh the look of your deck with a new coat of paint. In the long run, this weekend repair will help preserve your deck from mould, rot, and water damage. To ensure that the stain or paint adheres properly, sand and power-wash the surface first, then wait at least 48 hours for the stain to thoroughly dry.


Add outdoor lighting

With the arrival of spring and the coming of summer, the focus shifts to spending more time outside, and these garden lighting solutions will ensure that you can enjoy your outdoor space late into the night.