How Having an IUI Can Help Eliminate Infertility

Infertility is a critical topic, especially when your friends with children bring it up. Technologies have now advanced, meaning you can find other ways to get pregnant. The New York Fertility Institute has a particular procedure that can check your infertility with little to no scarring or creating many incisions. Find out whether you are a good candidate for an IUI in New York City by making your way to the center.

How an IUI functions

IUI stands for intrauterine insemination, a procedure in which your doctor places sperms in your reproductive system to boost your chances of having a child. The process can work as a standalone or even alongside another one called ovarian stimulation; when you have both, your chances of getting pregnant rival those of the most fertile people.

When is the right time to have IUI?

Careers have made many women not prioritize having children during their youthful ages. However, when the right time comes, you can get exasperating. Men, too, can be a reason that pushes you to the procedure, as men with low sperm count can have issues when trying to get a woman pregnant. Other reasons that make IUI suitable for women include:

  •         Cervical scar issues
  •         Unexplained infertility
  •         Cervical mucus issues

Having an IUI can have many benefits, an issue that draws many women to this procedure. In-vitro fertilization is another method widely considered by many women. However, the process is very invasive, meaning it can take a toll on your body. New York Fertility Institute has specialized in providing IUI for a long time, meaning that they make quick assessments and ultimately offer the procedure. IUI focuses on the sperms; your fertility experts ensure that your partner’s sperms reach your eggs for fertilization.

What should you look forward to during an IUI procedure?

Every medical procedure begins with a session with your fertility expert. Such sessions are more successful when you come with your partner. Men sometimes suffer from fertility issues, which have a wide range of solutions. During the first session, you will provide your goals to your fertility expert while they make assessments in your reproductive system. 

Evaluation involves a check on your hormonal levels using tools such as ovulation kits. You will also provide your blood sample to your fertility expert. Ultrasounds will help your doctor make the insemination successful.

Do you need your partner to have an IUI?

Many women choose their partner’s sperms during an IUI. However, it does not mean that you cannot have the procedure when you do not have someone. New York Fertility Institute offers donor sperm insemination, where you get sperms from strangers or people of your choosing. The procedure requires a special catheter, which transfers the sperms to your system. However, before any transfer, the sperms will undergo thorough washing.

Your close friends or people close to you can pressure you into having a child, an issue that can disturb you mentally. However, with an IUI, you can have your baby without a partner or even with fertility issues. Call New York Fertility Institute or book your spot online to begin your journey to parenthood.