How Long can Weed Stay in your System

One of the questions that people ask is how long weed can stay in their body system. This is a question that is mostly asked by beginners who like knowing how long they would feel the effects of weed. Many people are discouraged from taking it with the information that it may stay for a very long time or just a very short time. To bring you to the light about this information this article tries to look at some of the things that determine how long can weed stay in your system

The duration is determined by dose 

If you take weed, it can be detected in your body fluids for about one to thirty days after the last time you used it. Just like with many other types of drugs, cannabis can be detected in your hair for many months.  The window in which the weed can be detected is highly determined by the amount that you ingest or smoke. Besides, this can also be determined by how often you use it.  Generally, more regular use and higher doses lead to longer detection times. In case you use it on a daily basis, weed can be detected in your body after many months after the last time you used it. The longest reported time that weed got detected are more than three months. 

Weed detection through drug testing 

Drug testing is also used to detect weed in the body system. The process helps measure cannabis, by products or the metabolites. The metabolites usually stay inside your body system even after its effects are over. 

Detection through blood testing

Reports have shown that weed can be detected in your blood for duration of one to two days. However, there are some cases where it can be detected after twenty five days. If you are a chronic user, the longer the time weed can be detected in your blood.  Note that weed can be detected in your bloodstream within just seconds after you inhale it. It is usually distributed to all body tissues. Some of its gets reabsorbed in your blood and then broken down. Weed metabolites can stay in your bloodstream for many days. 

Weed testing through hair 

Hair follicle testing usually assess drug used for up to three months. After you use weed, it reaches the hair follicles through small blood vessels. There are small amounts that can still remain in the hair. The hair nearest to the scalp is the one that offer more accurate information regarding the window of weed use for the past ninety days. 


Duration taken for weed to be metabolized in the body 

THC is the active ingredient found in weed. When THC enters your body, it gets absorbed into the entire bloodstream. Some amount of THC is usually stored in fatty tissues and organs. It is also broken down in your liver. Some of the factors that determine how your body metabolizes weed in your body include your gender, age and the body mass index.  

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