How To Bike With a Surfboard

Before you hit the road with your surfboard, find out if there’s a better way to get there. If you’re tired of bumper-to-bumper traffic headed to the beach this weekend, find out how the best electric bike for surfing and a quality board rack can get you there in a convenient, safe and stylish way. Explore the three main types of surfboard racks and find the best bike for your new adventure.

Side-Mount Racks

These are one of the most popular options for keeping your surfboard with you. It mounts to your bicycle and hangs off the side. Padded bars and straps hold your board laying down parallel to the road. Quality racks are designed to keep your board safely secured and held out away from your legs and your bike to prevent scratching. While this rack puts more weight on one side of your bicycle, with practice it’s still a convenient way to ride.

Rear-Mount Racks

A rear-mount rack typically comes with a small trailer. Think of towing your board down the bike trail with your favorite city cruiser bike. This style of rack is more expensive and creates a longer, bulkier ride. It may offer you more balance, but there’s more of a learning curve when hopping on your bicycle.

Upright-Mount Racks

Finally, you can mount your surfboard on the back of your bike. These carriers look like a child carrier for your favorite board. The upright design balances the weight of your board evenly on both sides of your bike, but creates major drag. It’s also not recommended for longer surfboards.

Bike Safely

Bike like a pro and get there safely with your board intact. Choose the right bicycle and bike rack for convenient riding on your way to the beach. Here are some basic tips to consider when preparing for a totally new commute.

First, remember that you’re carrying precious cargo. A quality carrier rack will make your surfboard feel like another part of your bike, but you still need to ride with caution. Depending on the size of your board, you need to be cautious of turning, stopping and parking your bike.

A surfboard rack can create additional drag. Consider using a side-mount rack to reduce the effects, otherwise you’ll feel like you’re pedaling uphill both ways. A sleek, streamlined ride helps you weave through traffic and make it to the beach in time for the best waves.

Finally, make sure you have the right bike. Not all bicycles are compatible with surfboard racks. Strapping a surfboard to the wrong bike is a great way to drop your board or damage your bike. Check with your owner’s manual or search for a new bicycle that’s designed for handling your carrier rack with ease.

Choose Your Ride

Check to see if your two-wheeled ride is compatible with a rack. Consider a balanced, comfortable cruiser or city bike for a convenient way to commute. Shop for the best cruiser bikes and surfboard racks today to discover how you can enjoy a calm, relaxing commute to the beach instead of the stress and congestion of weekend traffic.