How To Overland With Your Family


Overlanding is a dream vacation or lifestyle come true for many individuals. Unfortunately, too many outdoor enthusiasts feel their families are holding them back from tearing up dirt and living out of their favorite truck or Jeep. Find out how it’s not only possible but incredibly rewarding to overland with your family. Check out these helpful hints and prepare the gear you need to make use of your truck cargo rack and make memories with your loved ones.

Pack Creatively

Overlanding with a large group takes creativity. Whether you have a single child or a van full of kids, space is going to be even more of a premium for your rig. Thankfully, overlanding gear is designed just for this occasion. Overlanders travel in groups all the time. You may have a backseat full of tired kids rather than fellow adult adventurers, but you can still enjoy many of the same experiences.

Check out roof top tents for Jeeps to save on space and avoid sleeping on the cold ground. This can be a more comfortable experience for children who may be less willing to hit the road. Use care, as these lofted tents may not be suitable for smaller children.

Plan a Family-Friendly Route

You may have to wait a few years for a brutal off-road ride in Death Valley, but that doesn’t mean you have to postpone your trip. Make it a family activity and discuss the best routes near you that fit your timeline.

Asking your children where they want to travel is a great way to keep everyone committed to the overlanding experience. There will be moments where everyone may not be as comfortable on the road, so be sure they’re experiencing an adventure they wanted rather than dragging them down an unknown road against their will.

Consider Everyone’s Needs

An overlanding trip with a toddler will look very different than one with teenagers. No family overlanding packing list will look quite the same, so it’s important to customize yours to fit your family. Take a few short trips or camping trips to see what kinds of comforts you can live without and what gear you need to invest in.

Be sure you have the necessary safety gear before hitting the road. Whether you need child-proof containers, additional water and food or some warm clothes for young children, prepare the essentials for each member of your family.

You may be particularly tight on space, but try to leave a small amount of room for each member of your family. Let your kids bring their favorite toy, book, device or other item that connects them to home and helps them feel like their contributing to the ultimate family overlanding packing list.

Get the Overlanding Gear Today

Gear up for a family-friendly road trip with all the latest truck overlanding gear. A family trip doesn’t have to stay on the highway and visit theme parks and petting zoos. Make your own memories as a family by cruising the road less traveled and finding your way across the land.