How to Tell Good Weed from Bad Weed

Good weed vs bad weed - How to Differentiate between the two

If you had enough research, then it is important to find out what good weed is and what bad weed is. Few pointers can help you to identify the best quality weed and also to differentiate the good weeds from the bad.  Cannabis is also known as marijuana, weed, pot or a thousand other names in different places or for different people. This drug is not legal in many states but sometimes it has several medical usages also for different health ailments.

Weed or cannabis is legal in some states and it is really difficult to find out the good weed. There is also huge competition in the market to find the best out of bad weeds. In some states it is not legal to buy the weed; you may fall in trouble if you buy the wrong. When it comes to collecting cannabis, you will find various types of cannabis. These are controversial beans and there are only engineered organic products available. Excellent characteristics along with a sheer number of different weeds will make them a daunting and most interesting collection to start.

Ideas to identify the good weed:


Color of the weed is the first and foremost thing that may help you to understand whether you are getting high-quality marijuana. Good quality cannabis is usually green in color that comes with purple and orange. If you get the brown weed, it is surely bad with pesticides, mold and much other funky stuff.


As per the method of harvesting, cannabis seeds need to be trimmed properly so that the leaves from the surrounded area of the bud. The good quality cannabis must be hand-trimmed tightly. So it is good to choose the hand-trimmed buds than the machine trimmed ones. These machines can mangle the buds while disrupting fragility. Avoid the buds with extra leaves or machine trimmed.


To determine good quality cannabis, you can check on its small. Good quality weed comes with a fresh smell but the bad weed comes with the bad smell too. Bad weeds smell mostly like grass or hay.


It is tough sometimes to determine the quality of the weed if you are first time going to have it. Good cannabis comes with a fresh taste and smells both. You can avoid it if the taste or smell is not fresh.

Structure of the bud

You can check the bud if it is dense or tight. Some buds are also quite fluffy and light. Some buds come with a Sativa like texture that has incomplete, open buds with visible stems. It is better to avoid the weed with visible stem, open and loose structure.


Trichomas or crystals are the most important thing to determine the quality of the marijuana. Good quality marijuana comes with many more crystals. So if you don’t find such crystals, it is not right to buy the products.

How to Tell the Difference Between Good and Bad Marijuana | MAMA'S GANJA


Properly cured and good quality weed id dried slightly but sticky. If the marijuana is not sticky, it must be dried out and you can make it dust easily. But don’t buy the marijuana that is too much moist. If you are looking for the sweet spot, you can prefer the weed that is sticky and dry both.

Seeds, stems or Sticks 

Good quality marijuana will not have sticks, stems or seeds. You can look for the thicker buds that are better.

Orange Hairs

Matured and well-pollinated marijuana has some orange hairs. This is the best sign that you have the best quality stuff.


This one is easy to determine. Make sure that you have checked the marijuana for little bugs or mold before buying it. If you find it with white hairs or thin hairs, it can be spider mites. You need to avoid such kind of weed.

Go for the tested products

Another good way to find out whether you are getting good quality weed, purchase the lab-tested products only. If you have the certified cannabis, it will be free from any type of contaminants or pesticides. These types of weed are good in quality usually.

High-quality buds are the production of the female plants of cannabis. Male cannabis produces only the pollen sacks that no one can smoke. Strong female genetics of the cannabis remain female throughout all the stresses that it may have during the growing period. Female plants come with hermaphroditic traits.


THC is known as Tetrahydrocannabinol. This is the key psychoactive component that you may find in the fully grown cannabis. When you are buying the weed, check the percentage listed for THC. If it is not listed but in your state it is legal, you can test it out first.

Even after having all these indicators, the quality of the product can vary. This is based more on your location where you live or you are going to buy the cannabis. You need to consider the climate, local laws or weather of your area. You can have the experience or knowledge of your local growers. You can buy cannabis online but only through the authorized online sellers.

If you find many cloudy crystals on weed trichome, you may have found the right cannabis.

Choosing the strain is not just about important statistics. You can find the details of the strain also. Just pick the one that has a legitimate award for selling or consuming as per quality. You also need to check whether marijuana is properly grown and healthy in appearance.

How to Tell The Difference Between Good and Bad Weed

How to find Good Marijuana, points at a glance  

Best marijuana is that comes on the middle or top shelves

It should come with fresh green color, healthy and with beautiful hues or undertones.

It should come with a fresh aroma. The aroma may vary as per the strain

Comprised usually the buds that covered with the bring glistering trichomes

Sativa is mostly fluffy in texture but indica is dense and tight

To preserve the terpenes and buds, it is good to have the hand-trimmed ones.

If you check this pointer, you can get the best weed.