How To Use gogoPDF To Convert Excel To PDF

Excel is a file format often used for making spreadsheets, while PDF is a document format used for sharing files as well as for printing. They are two completely different file formats, but there are instances when they are used simultaneously. This is because while Excel is a great document format for creating and editing spreadsheets as well as computing and analyzing data with the help of Microsoft Excel’s formulas and logical functions, most people do not use this format for printing spreadsheets, especially when it needs to be included in a document.

Therefore, the Excel spreadsheet needs to be converted to a PDF file so that it could be shared properly or printed to a proper document. There are some ways to convert Excel to PDF but one of the many ways to do it is to use a website like gogoPDF. This article seeks to explain how to use the website, the benefit of using this tool to convert Excel spreadsheets, and why people convert Excel spreadsheets to PDF files in the first place. 

How to Use the Website

Compared to other forms of file conversion, converting XLS to PDF is not easy to do as it is not very common to convert Excel spreadsheets to PDF files. Nevertheless, there are still people who see this process as important, which is why websites like gogoPDF have come up with ways to help them with converting their Excel spreadsheets to PDF files, and they made it easy for users to do it. Here are steps that you can follow to convert Excel spreadsheets to PDF files using gogoPDF:

  1. First, upload the Excel spreadsheet that you want to convert to PDF. You can do this by either dragging or dropping the file or clicking the “Select Files” button.
  2. After the Excel spreadsheet is up, the website will then initiate the conversion process. Normally, it would take around a few minutes for gogoPDF to convert your Excel spreadsheet into a PDF file.
  3. Once the conversion process has been finished, you may now download the converted result on either your computer or on your mobile device.

Benefits of Using gogoPDF to Convert Excel to PDF

As mentioned previously, there are other ways to convert Excel spreadsheets to PDF, but using a website like gogoPDF has several benefits that you could take advantage of. For one, you don’t have to sign in, create an account, or even install a software or app on your computer or mobile device before you could use the website to convert Excel spreadsheets to PDF files. All you have to do is to load the gogoPDF website on any web browser like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Safari and then start converting files immediately. 

It is also safe to convert Excel spreadsheets to PDF using gogoPDF since the website deletes the file around one hour after the conversion process. The website is also committed to protecting the privacy and security of their user’s data through their Data Privacy Policy, which users can read on the website whenever they wish to.

Why Do People Need to Convert Excel to PDF?

There are reasons why people need to convert Excel spreadsheets to PDF files, as stated previously, otherwise finding ways on how to perform this process would be almost pointless. Excel is a file format used to create and edit spreadsheets. They are also good for computing and analyzing data thanks to the formulas and logical functions that are present on Microsoft Excel. These functions make it easier to calculate data on a spreadsheet and even help with creating workflows and frameworks useful for certain situations, such as computing grades for school. 

Nevertheless, Excel spreadsheets may be good for data computation and creating spreadsheets, but not so much when printing them or sharing them with other people. Therefore, the spreadsheet has to be converted to PDF first before it could be shared or printed either as a document of its own or as part of a document. This is because PDF files limit the number of modifications that could be done on the file, ensuring that no sudden alterations will happen on the file once it is opened on a different device, such as a smartphone or a computer. 

In A Nutshell 

Excel and PDF are two completely different file formats used for different situations, and while they have their own unique set of properties, there will be instances when one file format needs to be used over the other. Hence, there is a need to convert a file from one format to another to fulfill this purpose.

But if you are looking for a way to convert your Excel spreadsheet to a PDF file, then you should give gogoPDF a try! With gogoPDF, it is now easier and more accessible to convert Excel spreadsheets or even other file formats into PDF without having to sign in to any account, pay for any subscription fee, or compromise your file’s security.

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