Inovatec Mass Finishing Machine Benefits and How to Make the Right Selection 

Mass finishing helps in automating both chemical and mechanical finishing of complex and simple tool or workpieces of various shapes.  The major role of mass finishing is to attain several surface improvement effects. They include cleaning, surface refinement, inhibition, drying and deburring.  Inovatec mass finishing machine is designed in a way to allow the media flow effectively around, into and through the different parts that are being finished.  Here are some of the major factors you should consider when choosing an Inovatec mass finishing machine.

Requirements for the parts surface

This is the top consideration to make during the selection process. This is necessary because the parts surface requirement usually determines the selection you make when it comes to the right mass finishing processes. Thus, you should keep in mind what you want to attain with your finishing machine. 


Material parts 

You should also consider the materials you will be working with. Here are some of the most common materials and what works perfectly with them. 

  • Stainless steel- ceramic media
  • Aluminum- plastic media
  • Brass –plastic media
  • Cast iron-ceramic media
  • Plastic- works well with plastic media

Another vital factor to think about is the shape and size of the work piece or material that require the finishing. Go for a machine that works well for the different shapes and sizes. 


As you choose an Inovatec mass finishing machine, it is good to think about the price. Generally vibratory systems are more costly compared to the barrel tumbling machine because of their large size. Besides, they also tend to last for a longer time compared to the barrel tumbling systems. 

Why use Inovatec Mass Finishing Machine

A large percent of manufactured components or parts require a certain degree of surface refining before the final coating or assembly. This makes them offer high level satisfaction to the users. The machine is used since it offers more benefits compared to manual deburring and surface finishing methods. The use of the machine also helps in eliminating several procedures that require a lot of labor and parts handling. 

Besides, it is good to note that the quality control standards are becoming stricter in the modern times. Use of the machine helps in the production of surface effects with lot to lot and part to part uniformity. This high level uniformity cannot be matched when handling the individual parts separately. Well implemented mass finishing using this machine reduce the chances of parts rejection and reworking rates. Visit for more information about Inovatec mass finishing machine.