International Travel Insurance: X Reasons to Buy it Online

Travel insurance is a facility offered by various insurance companies in India to secure you against unforeseen incidents occurring during your trip. The policy is provided both for domestic and international travels. While it is significant in both cases, international travel insurance offers comprehensive coverage, including repatriation and emergency evacuation as well.

Typical features of international travel insurance are:

  • Medical expense cover
  • Emergency cash assistance
  • Cover against loss of passport or luggage
  • Protection against theft or loss of personal belongings
  • Trip delay or cancellation cover
  • Repatriation expense
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Cashless hospitalization

Everyone travelling abroad should consider buying international travel insurance, as it is a crucial document for frequent flyers. You can buy travel insurance online as well as offline as per your convenience.

Here are some reasons to buy international travel insurance online:


  • Easy to Compare Plans Before Buying


When you buy international travel insurance online, you can compare various plans from different insurers to choose the best policy. You can also get quotes from different insurers to know the plan details. It will save time and help you get the best international travel insurance policy at the most reasonable rates.


  • Knowledge of Travel Insurance Features


Buying international travel insurance online will help you know about various features of your desired plan in detail. You can look for rider or add-on options to enhance basic cover. Besides, you can even know various types of coverage included in the plan to suit your needs. 

International travel insurance typically also offers emergency evacuation and cashless treatment facilities. You can go through all such features to choose a plan that is most suitable for you.


  • Discounts


Purchasing international travel insurance online comes with its perks. You can find the policies available at exclusive discounts or lower rates as there are no middlemen involved. Various insurers offer discount schemes from time to time that can help you save money while buying the policy.


  • Clarity About Terms and Conditions


Before buying any policy, it is crucial to understand its terms and conditions. It helps ease the policy claim process. Besides, the terms and conditions of international travel insurance policy can give you details of its inclusions and exclusions as well. You can read through them online before making the final decision.


  • Reviews About Insurance Policy


The role of an insurance company extends from purchasing the policy to renewing and making claims. When you buy international travel insurance, your insurer plays an essential role in defining your experience, especially during the claim period.

Many users of a particular policy give their feedback online as per their experience with an insurance company. Their reviews can help you get an overlook of an insurer’s services and policy features. You can decide on an insurance company based on the experience of other policy buyers.


  • Safe Premium Payment


Buying international travel insurance online typically offers safe payment and easy registration processes. Once you make the payment, you can get an immediate payment receipt and acknowledgement of the policy. Also, you can select your preferred mode of payment, such as card payment, net banking, or any other method.


Safeguard Your International Trips with Insurance

Travelling to foreign countries come with its set of worries – be it medical or financial. Nobody wants to carry extra baggage of worries on their trips, especially when visiting another country. International travel insurance can help you address such concerns at all points.

While purchasing an international travel insurance plan, you must make sure to choose a reliable company that offers help at every step. Tata AIG is one such company that offers customized plans to suit all your needs. The company has a significant customer base and excellent customer support that goes one step ahead to help you.

Secure your international trip with travel insurance and stay worry-free.


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