If we will talk as per the medical aspect, then yes, it is very harmful for the eyes to wear sunglasses all the time. Wondering How?

Harmful Effects of Wearing Sunglasses

    1. If someone wear sunglasses daily in the dim environment then he or she may lose the ability to adapt to various light variations.
    2. but if you are wearing shades just for fashion and there’s no sunlight protection technology, then it will definitely damage your eyesight chronically.
    3. if you will wear sunglasses when there is no UV rays then it will not only damage your vision but also affect the working of brain. Basically, it doesn’t make you blind, but it can tire your eyes and causing eye fatigue, which ultimately leads to headaches, burry sight and increased light sensitivity.

What cautions should we take?

The first step to avoid wearing sunglasses without the presence of UV rays. It’s very important to not to wear sunglasses with insufficient UV protection, especially outdoors.

Also, whenever you go for shopping to buy sunglasses then always look whether the sunglasses provide 100% protection form UV rays and labelled UV 400 or not.

Now, let’s have a look at the best Eyewear Collections of 2022!

  1. Clubmaster Metal RX3716VM, the classical model from Ray-Ban designed for the casual outfits. This one is the signature model which suits most faces and becomes your favorite for everyday wearing.
  2. Persol PO3092V, the eye-catching blue frame for the stylish fashionistas look. The Italian luxury brand Persol’s frame are very popular because of their excellent quality and deep colors frame.
  3. Armani Exchange AX3047 inspired by street-chic culture and the unique cat eye frame can complete any stylish look from office suits to streetwear. Especially it’s violet color frame which is so mesmerizing that you can’t take off your eyes!
  4. Gucci GG0025O, opt for this passionate red time sunglasses if you are searching for a bold and extravagant accessory. It’s iconic sleek arms, elegant frame shape, bright color will definitely change your appearance upside down.
  5. Versace VE3298B, it’s an old vintage style frame with a blood cat eye shape and an oversized logotype of the famous creator.
  6. Kate Shade Paris 0807, one of the sensual and sophisticated eyeglasses from the popular brand Kate Shade which will suit any chic lady and complete her look as well as fulfil her vision needs.
  7. Chloe CH0022O, an octagonal frame inspired by the 70s model is quite trending among the ambitious women who have unique taste, the stunning gold time frame will enhance any women’s beauty.
  8. Michael Kors MK801, the rectangular frame especially designed for the businesswomen who wants to look classy and trendy. It’s a light weight black color model which suits with almost every outfit and is the best option for both work and leisure.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does sunglasses protect our eyes?

Most of us are familiar with the two parts of eye that is retina and pupil and the whole vision process is majorly depends on these two parts. Whenever there is sparkling bright light, our pupil contracts so that less amount of light can reach the retina and we will see the things clearly.

Similarly, when there is dim light in a room our pupil expands and try to transfer more and more light to the retina so that we can clearly see in a dark room. The whole process of contraction and expansion is involuntary and operated by autonomic nervous system.

2. What Is the Role of Sunglasses?

Shades will change the working of eyes by creating a pseudo environment. Whenever you go out in the afternoon the brightness is at the peak, and to avoid that you wear shady sunglasses which will Tigger the same involuntary reflex and your brain start perceiving the environment to be dark and dilates the pupil.

3. What happen when we wear sunglasses for long?

Whenever you wear sunglasses too often whether in dim light or bright light, then it will keep your pupil dilated for long time which ultimately exposes your whole visual system to less light and reduce your retina’s ability of quick adjustment to different lights. It can also affect our sleep and wake cycle as our brain feels like, it is night in the whole day and unable to release sleep hormones in the night.

With that, we hope the insights shared would help you to select the best sunglasses for you with quick tips to wear them time to time! Happy Styling!