Job Opening for Graphic Designer in ROAD iD (Covington, KY 41011)



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Job Category : Content Writing
Company Name: ROAD iD
Position Name: Graphic Designer
Location : Covington, KY 41011
Job Description : ROAD iD is a company that embraces our “Why” – to save lives, provide peace of mind, and fuel adventure. We are a fast-growing, fun, digital commerce company that thrives on making a positive impact in the world. We are on our way to impacting over 9 million lives in the next few years.
The Role

To help us scale and continue to grow, we are looking for a junior to mid-level Graphic Designer to help communicate our purpose-driven story to the world. This is a full-time position based in Covington, KY. You’ll join our growing in-house creative team in a unique design role where you can work on life-saving products for an outdoor brand that’s not afraid to have some fun (no stuffy corporate work around here).
Designing for print collateral
Recoloring product renders
Assembling creative assets into fun, frictionless website experiences (no coding needed)
Conceptualizing and creating ads for Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping, Google Display, etc.Working closely and collaboratively with the Lead Designer to ensure that design work ladders up to brand guidelines, core values, and pays off on business goalsUsing your creative talents to convey emotion and customer empathy through design
Contributing to brainstorming sessions about promotional campaigns and product or brand positioning
Living out our Core Values (see below
You should have at least a year of professional experience with:
Retouching / recoloring product renders and lifestyle photography
Designing for printUX design / adaptive design
Developing ads for Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping, Display, etc.
Delivering work against stakeholder deadlines

You should be proficient with:Photoshop
After Effects

Bonus points if you have experience with any of the following:Video editing (Premiere Pro)CSS3
Taking great looking product shots
Using a DSLR or Mirrorless Camera (ability to manipulate the outcome of a shot through adjustment of Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO, and focal length,etc.)
IllustrationWriting fun/funny copy
Who You Are:
You are talented, and you keep your skills fresh by continuously working to improve your capabilities. You aren’t afraid to contribute ideas. You are creative, but you have the focus to keep your work organized (following file naming conventions, tagging, and utilizing layer naming.) In fact, you could say you obsess over the details. To that end, you consistently create work you’re proud of. You have a great work ethic. You always deliver on-time or early. You begin work without being prompted. You do what you say you will. You’re not afraid of new challenges. You have the confidence to raise a hand when you’re stuck, and absorb and leverage constructive feedback. You’re thoughtful and considerate. In summary, we’d chase you through the parking lot, because you’re awesome.

Be a part of a unique opportunity to make a real difference. At ROAD iD, we don’t make and sell widgets. Instead, we take pride in providing a product that literally saves lives.
Competitive Health Care Plan (Medical, Dental & Vision)
Competitive Retirement Plan (401k, IRA)
Life Insurance (Basic, Voluntary & AD&D)
9 Paid Holidays per year & Competitive PTO based on years of service
Short Term & Long Term Disability
Training & Development – eligible to unlock $2,500 budget to attend a conference or other relevant training upon completion of 3 certifications within digital marketing training database
Wellness & Fitness reimbursement up to $400 each calendar year for full time employees
We exist to Save Lives, Provide Peace of Mind, and Fuel Adventure. We do this by improving the outcome of accidents and emergencies. Our products include elegantly simple, Wearable ID & Technology that connects you to friends and family when it matters most.

We don’t make widgets. We make a difference. We receive genuine testimonials nearly every day from our customers that keep us motivated towards our Dream: To see the day when wearing ID is as common as strapping on a seatbelt.
We are a great company – made this way by great people.
We are a great company because we try hard to be a great company
It’s important to provide a fun, casual, team-oriented, fast-paced environment.
Every member of the team is provided the opportunity to make real and significant contributions. In fact, you might say that we expect it.
“Word of mouth” has always been, and will always be, the most important marketing lever. To that end, it is imperative that we deliver a Product, Service, and Journey so blindingly awesome that our customers can’t help but share it.
Customers don’t want to do business with businesses. Rather, they want to do business with people. So, at every touchpoint, we try to talk and behave like real people.
In keeping things “elegantly simple.”
In moving fast and embracing mistakes.
In giving a percentage of EVERY order to charity. Our current charity partner is 4 Paws for Humanity – a very cool non-profit that provides service dogs to children and veterans in need.
In providing competitive compensation and benefits: Matching IRA, strong PTO policy, Health/Dental/Vision package, $25K life and AD&D insurance, Free long-term disability insurance, 9 paid holidays and an awesome employee discount program.

Be Remark-able
When you interact with us, you’re going to want to tell people about it. That’s because we work really hard to deliver a product, service, and journey so blindingly awesome that you can’t help but share it. When you talk about us, you’ll use adjectives like fun, honest, dependable, super fun, personal, passionate, enthusiastic, funny, tenacious, and really exceptionally fun. Oh, and the font on this core value is larger…for a reason. It’s the core value that all the others ladder up to.
Fanatically Personal – Our Special Sauce
We believe that people don’t want to do business with businesses. Instead, they prefer to do business with people. Real people. At ROAD iD, you’re going to interact with people that have personality, heart, and soul. You’re not just a number, and we’re not just another faceless company. To that end, we’re gonna treat YOU the way WE want to be treated. It’s just that simple. Be warned – you’re gonna want to strap your socks on tight because this fanatical dedication to keeping it real has a tendency to to blow socks clean off.
Care Deeply
We care deeply. Like Grand Canyon deep. We stand behind everything we do and every product we sell. No shortcuts. No excuses. We’re going to work really hard to do things right the first time. When we make a mistake, we’re gonna own it, and make it right. We’ve got your back.
Ear to the Ground, Eye to the Sky
Like Vanilla Ice said, “if there was a problem, yo I’ll solve it.” (we know you still have the cassette tape in a box somewhere). We’re never completely satisfied and realize there’s always room for improvement. We listen more than we talk because we know most great ideas come from those closest to the issue. To this end, our ears perk up when someone has a problem or experiences friction, as this usually indicates room for improvement. See something that needs fixin’? Let us know.
Whoop it Up
Yeah, ROAD iD is a serious product, and we have some very serious goals. That doesn’t mean we’re going to be boring or stuffy. We’re going to have fun, use too many puns, be a little weird, and laugh as much as possible. We realize that if we take ourselves too seriously, nobody else will.
Purpose over Profit
It’s not about the money. Yes, we have to care about the lines (specifically the bottom one) mostly because our staff likes to get paid…and rent is due on the 1st. But, at ROAD iD, we put our purpose first. More specifically, we’re laser focused on Saving Lives, Providing Peace of Mind, and Fueling Adventure. Our philosophy is this: If we fervently and ethically pursue our purpose, put our customers first, and put forth our best effort, then the bottom line will take care of itself. Furthermore, we commit to being good corporate citizens by financially supporting non-profits that we believe in. But, we DON’T simply make donations with extra profits that are laying around at the end of the year. Instead, we put that commitment first. Donations come out of revenue, not profit. Giving back is not an afterthought. By way of example, ROAD iD Gives Back is an ongoing promise to donate a portion of every (yes, EVERY) order to charity. Our current charity partner, 4 Paws for Ability, is a remarkable non-profit that provides service dogs to children and veterans in need. Like ROAD iD, they’re saving lives and fueling adventure every day. Check ’em out.

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