Kerala Lottery Result 15.4.21


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Kerala Lottery Result 15.4.21

What are the 7 Daily lotteries in Kerala?

Kerala Lottery Result The seven daily lotteries are Pournami lottery, Win-Win lottery, Sthree Sakthi Lottery, Akshaya Lottery, Karunya Plus lottery, Nirmal lottery, and Karunya lottery on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday respectively.

When will the Kerala Lottery result 2022 be announced?

People can check the Winning Number after 2.55 pm when the Kerala Lottery Today Live starts. Kerala Lotteries Result today on 16th February 2022 will be announced shortly. Kerala lottery live results for Akshaya AK 536 starting at 2.55 pm and official result published at 4 pm on Wednesday.

Where to check Kerala lottery Akshaya result 16-02-2022 today?

Today Kerala lottery result 16-02-2022 Akshaya lottery ticket result draw is going to be held at Gorky Bhavan, Near Bakery Junction, Palayam, Thiruvananthapuram. Those who are waiting for today's draw can check the results of 16.02.2022 AK-536 here. Don't miss the Kerala Lottery Akshaya Results Today Live, stay refreshed on this page.

How many years ago was the Kerala Lottery started?

It's about 54 years ago. In 1967, Late Shri P.K.Kunjusahib (The finance minister under EMS Namboothirippad Government) ideates the concept of lottery sale and from there onwards started the growth of Kerala lottery. We provided here the detailed history of the Kerala lottery on the Kerala lottery history page and don't forget to read it from there.

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