Kerala Lottery Result 2.2.2021


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Kerala Lottery Result 2.2.2021

How much does it cost to win Kerala lottery?

Kerala Lottery Results: The price of a single ticket is Rs 40, while the entire book costs Rs 750. (File photo) Kerala Lottery Today Results: The Kerala state lottery department Monday announced the results of Win Win Lottery W-601. The first prize winner is ticket number WR-652417 which bagged a whopping Rs 75 lakh.

What are the Kerala lottery ticket numbers 652417?

The consolation prize of Rs 8,000 was won by ticket numbers WN 652417, WO 652417, WP 652417, WS 652417, WT 652417, WU 652417, WV 652417, WW 652417, WX 652417, WY 652417, WZ 652417 The official results are available on The price of a single ticket is Rs 40, while the entire book costs Rs 750.

How to get PMAY Draw Phase 2 result Surat 2021?

Now at the official website of Surat Municipal Corporation, you will get PMAY Draw Phase 2 Option. Then enter the verification code and click on the search button. Note- Enter all the Details under PMAY Draw Result Surat as you have filled in the application form.

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